The Gonzo Fourth Estate And The Libertarian Party National Convention Of 2016

“I believe that the eighties have never ended, they are still with us today. We have never repudiated. They are still here, making more money than ever.”  John Carpenter This writer is a proud member of The Libertarian Party. I had the honor of representing Iowa as a delegate at the 2016 Libertarian Party Convention […]

King for a day. The rest of the year, not so much.

Since 1986, Americans have observed the third Monday of January as a federal holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Schools and communities put on marches and commemorative events. Some workers (sadly not including most of the working poor of all races to whose advancement King dedicated his life) get the day off. It’s an election […]

Whatever’s Going On in Oregon, It’s Not Terrorism

A key to understanding the political world lies in realizing that the words terrorism and terrorist are inherently political terms. This has been clear in international affairs, but we now see this in domestic matters, specifically the case involving ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond and the takeover of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service building […]

The Self-Driving Dilemma: Safety Versus Freedom

A new study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute examines the difference between regular automobiles and the new “self-driving” models. According to the study (commissioned by an admittedly self-interested party, Google) humans behind the wheel crash 4.2 times per million miles, self-driving cars only 3.2 times per million miles. And the self-driving era is in […]

Opinion: Cruz Vs Branstad-Offending The Corn God

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and his son Eric have decided to go after Senator Ted Cruz, the front runner for the Iowa Republican Caucus, because he doesn’t support extending the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) ethanol subsidy, which is their favorite government welfare program, past 2022.  For years, not supporting ethanol has been described as a […]