Medical Freedom

This campaign issue was inspired by Iowan Benton Mackenzie and former political candidates Dr. Doug Butzier and Dr. Lee Heib.

The People and any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of Iowa shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modalities as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.

It is absurd that in Iowa you can turn on any form of media and tune into programming that gets above average viewer-ship and be encouraged to imbibe substances that are harming us in great numbers while at the same time people are being locked up for possessing substances that provide positive results for them. You can walk a few blocks, in most populated parts of the state, and purchase items that are easily provable to be of great danger but it is still taboo, and worse yet criminal, to use certain substances as medicine. When you stop and think about it do you not want to change this? Should we not have some sensible and measurable form of justice in this state? We lock people up, fine them, and make it hard for them to find work because they possessed the wrong substance and perhaps used it in a recreational manner? Or worse yet even if they used it as medication? I believe that in this country that you should have the right to decide what type of medical care that you want. Iowans let us reestablish our right to choose our own medical practice and practitioner; lets re-establish the freedom for citizens of Iowa to practice their own forms of medical care, and lets give Iowans back freedom to purchase medications and treatments without a prescription.


Doctors and ailing individuals deserve the freedom to be able to look at each case as an individual case and not to be forced into a one-size-fits-all standard protocol and look at their patients or themselves as individuals in terms of what they can tolerate what other therapies may be best. I want to make it easier for doctors to do what they believe is best for their patients. I want medical professionals to be able to spend their time helping their patients. We should make it easy for a medical professional to open up an office in Iowa, to make house calls, to clearly list their fees, and to accept cash for care. The Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations transformed the American medical establishment in the early 20th Century. These tax exempt foundations – through their grant making power – are able to mold the idea-sphere from which medical research emerges, or is suppressed. I know many people look at national foundations and federal intervention as positive to their well-being but when studied on a case by case basis I find the results to be quite the opposite. I do believe that a number of the intentions are positive and I am not in any way opposed to a social safety net for those that are ailing or struggling, I simply believe that we would all be better off with more medical freedom.


I believe that if someone wants to treat an ailment with cannabis that they should be able to. I have received messages from Iowans that want to use cannabis to help with their appetite, to help with their menstrual pains, to reduce or end seizures, to battle cancers, to cope with chemotherapy, to cope with anxiety, and more. I believe that if someone wants to utilize hemp or raw dairy for nutrition that they should be able to. I know people that do not do well with pasteurized and/or homogenized dairy, and/or with added sweeteners in their dairy. They deserve the freedom to purchase raw milk from a farmer and a farmer deserves the freedom to sell it. I believe that if someone wants to use kratom instead of opioids  because they believe that they would be at risk for opioid abuse, or because they simply believe it to be a better option, that they should have access to do so without risking punishment or without being shamed by their fellow citizens. I believe that if someone wants to use mdma to treat PTSD that they should be able to. I believe that if someone is desperate with their addiction struggle that they should be free to use ibogaine. If someone wants to utilize ayahuasca or psilocybin mushrooms to treat depression they should have the freedom to do so without fear of punishment. The truth is that these substances have been present and utilized as far back as we currently have recorded history to account for. To deny their existence is futile, to think that they are primarily or easily used for recreational activity is ignorant, to disallow scientific study is idiotic, and to punish people for using them as medicine is tyrannical. I certainly believe that if someone has evidence that a scheduled substance is working medically for them that they should be able to be honest about this and present their case in a court of law. Anything short of this is tyranny plain and simple.


One side effect that I see to ending prohibition will be to allow our police to focus resources on the violent crimes that are happening in our communities. I believe that this will improve civilian and police relations and help to restore balance and liberty in civil justice. Another side effect that I see is that we will allow people to be open and honest with their addiction struggles to any substance. We will be able to address these issues without stigma and without forcing fines, criminal records, or incarceration upon people that simply struggle with addiction. I believe that this will also allow our citizenry and health professionals to better treat those that have addiction or mental health issues.


I want to bring discussion to the table regarding more medical freedom for mothers or parents during the birth process. We should make it easy for an Iowan to choose to have a home birth, or a birth outside of a traditional clinical setting, and for a birth professional to be allowed to operate without forcing them to go to nursing school. If we want to continue to reduce the number of abortions being done in Iowa I believe that we need to allow people the freedom to purchase birth control over the counter. We need to allow people the freedom to educate themselves and their children about how their bodies work. On the other end of the cycle we should allow people the power to end their own life in a setting that is as safe as possible, reducing harm to their loved ones and to any others whom may be involved.


I am aware that people will say things like, “with freedom comes danger”. Well I beseech you to talk to medical professionals and to talk to ailing Iowans. I beseech you to take a look around your community. Right now people can go on the internet and purchase all sorts of dangerous pills that nary a medical professional would recommend. Right now these sorts of scams are  hurting our senior citizenry as well as some of the most vulnerable among us on a daily basis. The opioid death rate and the heroin death rate are outrageous despite the state requiring a prescription for the former and “prohibiting” the latter. Kids, in some cases, are damaging their lives and in other cases dying from using synthetic substances purchased from bath and convenience stores. I was born, raised, and educated in Iowa and I grew up in Des Moines during the height of the war on drugs. And though I did not imbibe, I had access to every illicit drug imaginable to me on middle-school grounds. I don’t believe at all that ending prohibition and allowing more medical freedom will be damaging to our communities. I believe that by allowing medical freedom to the people of Iowa that we will see a happier and healthier state that can set a positive example for the country for years to come.

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