Lefty’s Live Music is hosting a fundraiser for Jimi “Strychnine” Scribner in Des Moines on November 21.

Scribner served as the head chef at the House of Bricks performance venue in Des Moines and has worked there as a sound technician. Throughout the years he befriended many walks of life and has since become “a genuine staple in the Des Moines music scene,” to quote Cityview columnist Chad Taylor.

After Scribner was diagnosed with cancer, the same people he befriended and supported over the years decided to return the favor and help their friend. With it came an outpouring of emotional and financial support.

Lefty’s owner Anne Mathey said she has known Scribner for over ten years. She was the bar manager at the House of Bricks until the venue closed and turned into Streetcar 209, a fulltime restaurant without a performance space. In February of this year, she opened Lefty’s in the Drake University┬áneighborhood.

“He’s not been working through chemo and radiation therapy,” Mathey told Iowa Free Press in a November 20 statement, “and though he would never ask, we knew he could use a little help.”

Mathey started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign called “Jimi Strychnine’s Livin’ Fund,” which has raised over $1,765 as of November 20. It wasn’t long before the idea of a benefit concert came into being.

The crew at Lefty’s, a 350 capacity concert hall located at 2307 University Avenue in Des Moines, answered the call.

“It all came together because a lot of musicians and basically all my staff here know and love Jimi and wanted to help,” Mathey said.

The bands playing at Saturday’s benefit include: Madam Jules, Stutterin Jimmy and the Goosebumps, Reeferseed Express, Marcato, Calous, Goathill and As for You.

“We’ll have a silent auction and raffle including a couple guitars, art from local artists, gift certificates from local businesses,” according to Mathey.

Tickets are not sold out yet but they are going quick.

“None of us have the means to entirely take care of our friend,” Mathey said, “but when we get together as a scene and a family, we can move mountains!”

For more information, visit: http://www.leftyslivemusic.com/

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