Thousands of companies have always wondered where they stand about romances in the office. In fact, there’s not an exact way to calculate what could happen when a romance in the workplace doesn’t blossom.

For instance, if a supervisor gets involved with a subordinate employee, there’s no way to predict how things are going to end.

Will the subordinate feel obligated to stay in the romantic relationship to keep the job or to earn a promotion?

What if things don’t end well and a restraining order is necessary? Or the two persons involved doesn’t work well now that their feelings weren’t reciprocal? How are they going to work now?

From a legal point of view, these situations can be disregard easily, but later it can turn into an ugly employment action, an adverse work environment plea, or a difficult criminal matter. At the ends, any of these cases could cost a lot of money to the company in a settlement.

Now, if you want to have and keep a successful office romance, you should consider the next things in mind:

  • Keep your relationship at home and be strictly professional in the workplace.
  • Use texting and e-mails for work and not for intimate messaging.
  • Learn the company’s policies about dating, romantic, or extramarital relationships.
  • Avoid any romantic display (including flirting) in the workplace, not even in the parking lot.
  • Keep everything private until be ready to make it publically.
  • If the two of you are in a conference outside of the company, this means that you are sill working.
  • You can express like you used to in the office, just like you did in the past. If being yourself means that you are always expressing your ideas and opinions don’t be afraid of doing this to your partner.
  • Don’t date the boss and don’t date employees.

Always Keep In Mind That Everyone Is Seeing You

Since years ago, everyone is watching any office romance. Everyone knows how coworkers will stop working just to watch the moment you enter into your partner’s office. You are in other words, a reality show.

You must keep in mind that everyone in the office will be waiting for any kind of display of affection. And must of all, you will have to disappoint them. Do not forget to be professional and leave any wink or touches at home.

Though many employees tend to use their e-mails for personal messaging, it’s important to comply with the company policies when writing an e-mail during a romantic relationship.

Let’s not forget that there’s no turn back after sending an e-mail. And if someone who has technical knowledge will be able to access in your messages.

You can also search for legal advice in human resources, don’t be afraid to learn more about company’s policy on this issues. Don’t hesitate for ask a confidential conversation. You can explain how you and a co-worker are considering pursuing a relationship. With this kind of meeting you can learn more about this issue and earn some legal protection. After all, you want to follow the organization’s policy.

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