Opinion: Comey vs. Crypto: The Last Banzai Charge

At the end of World War II, Second Lieutenant Hiro Onoda of the Imperial Japanese Army dismissed rumors of his country’s surrender, fading into the Philippine jungle to fight on.  He held out for 29 years before, still dressed in his dilapidated uniform, he surrendered his sword to his former commanding officer in 1974. Every time an American […]

State of Iowa E-mails Found On Hacking Team’s E-mail List

The Iowa Free Press has learned that two state of Iowa e-mails from the Department of Public Safety were found on the July 8, 2015 Wikileaks release of over one million e-mails form the Italian based Hacking Team’s e-mail list. Additionally, one inquiry was made from a state of Iowa employee about purchasing the Hacking […]

UNI’s Rod Library Selected for Latino Americans: 500 Years of History Grant

The University of Northern Iowa’s Rod Library has been named for the “Latino Americans: 500 Years of History” grant. The library will receive $10,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and American Library Association to assist programming. Latino Americans: 500 Years of History is a public programming initiative explored by NEH and the American […]

Opinion: Register Not Trump Has Cheapened The Electoral Process

Yesterday, the paywall loving and intrusive ad serving Des Moines Register and their editorial board gave Donald Trump a strongly worded lecture on how he has “cheapened the electoral process” through his controversial comments on Senator John McCain while in reality it is the Des Moines Register that has continued to cheapen the electoral process […]

“There’s So Much Story Yet To Be Told” Says Ant-Man Director

Marvel fans can now start hoping for a new sequel and see once again to Paul Rudd wearing his Ant-Man suit. After all, the new Marvel film has raised $58 million the last weekend, a short amount in comparison with the earnings from Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger – which can be compared […]

What Can You Do When Your Relationship Is Facing A “Desire Discrepancy”

If you have ever experienced a long-term relationship, or if you are currently in one you might know how you couldn’t take off your hands from your partner during those few months known as the “honeymoon period.” Now, probably your sex life is different from those early moments of your relationship. There’s a possibility that […]

Your Smartphone Is Damaging Your Relationship With Your Partner

If you are one of those people who can’t stop checking up their cellphones even when they are spending time with their partner you should read this article and really stop doing it. According to a recent study in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 70% of women explain that smartphones interfere in their […]

How To Improve Your Relationships In Your Life And At Your Workplace

You are a hard worker, you know how to lead a team and use your time correctly. Now, you are planning to do even more in your workplace and have better relationships with your coworkers and others. But this might not be as easy as it sounds. In any business, you must do the best […]

State of Disaster Emergency Declared in Jefferson and Wayne Counties

Governor Terry E. Branstad on Wednesday announced state of disaster emergency for Jefferson and Wayne counties following recent severe weather that started on June 20, and is continuing. State resources will be used to respond to and recover from the effects of severe storms and flooding that badly affected the counties, the governor’s proclamation stated.