In the late 1700’s Thomas Paine published a book called The Age of Reason. Today, there is no age of reason and the age of bullshit is clearly upon us. We have turned our society and even our elections into one giant reality TV show where people create unnecessary drama, live vicariously through others, and then get outraged and offended over trivial matters while the moral and economic decay destroys us from within.

How many people took to social media with their opinions when they were offended over the dentist who killed the lion in Africa? How about people on both sides of the Confederate flag debate? We shouldn’t forget Bruce Jenner. While the media keeps us focused on issues that are trivial and have little to no impact on our lives, the state and big corporations are doing unspeakable things to the American people carte blanche and the traditional media is largely on their side by ignoring what they are doing.

Right here in Iowa there are some offensive things that are largely ignored. Just this January, the state of Iowa killed Benton Mackenzie, a dying cancer patient, who was denied his cancer medication. He and his family were prosecuted for growing a plant that grows naturally to make medical oil out of it. Our state legislature and governor sit on their hands while he died and even after his death still did nothing this legislative session when they had a chance. How about the epileptic children that cannot get their medication because some do-gooder got elected to office and is worried about unintended consequences of sick children getting their medication?

You know what really offends me? The fact that more than 400 Iowans will commit suicide this year. That offends me. So does that fact that more than 60 Iowans will die from prescription drug overdoes this year. More than 11,000 Iowa children will be abused or neglected this year. Around 3,000 Iowans will be homeless this year. Black people make up around 3% of Iowa’s population, but 25% of our prison population in the state.

These are all offensive things that we could work together and solve. We won’t solve these or at least make improvements on these issues because the media keeps us fighting. They attempt to pit black people against white people. Gay people against straight people. Religious people against other religious people. We are busy fighting each other while the government raises our taxes, increases the national debt, and takes more and more of our freedom everyday. It is all an attempt by the traditional media to sell more papers or increase the almighty advertising revenues and the state takes more and more of our personal and economic freedom each and every day.

I’m sorry, but I have a difficult time being offended by what the media wants me to be offended by when we have much larger issues we should be addressing. While we focus on our ice bucket challenges and talk about what Donald Trump did or did not say, who shot a lion in Africa, or Bruce Jenner’s gender the state is going to hell in a handbasket.

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