The Reason Behind The Attractiveness Of Narcissists

For years, one of the biggest social wonders has been why many women are attracted to narcissists. At first sight, it might be to their intense self-confidence, an attribute that can sometimes be magnetically alluring. But it is clear that when women date for some time this kind of guy they start to realize that […]

DCI Investigating Police Officer Involved Shooting in Fairfield

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is looking into the incident of shooting by an officer in while chasing a vehicle on Tuesday Morning. No one was hurt in the incident. At about 1 a.m. Fairfield Police Officers attempted to stop a vehicle near the intersection of 12th Street and Jefferson Avenue in Fairfield. The […]

Eddie Redmayne Is Part Of The “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Cast

The rumor has finally ended, and now is official. Eddie Redmayne has joined the film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and he will play the role of, Newt Scamander. On Monday, Warner Bros. has revealed the name behind the lead role in the upcoming “Harry Potter” spinoff. Redmayne, who is an Oscar-winning actor, […]

How Burger King Become One Of The Most Successful Fast Food Chain

Burger King’s secret is outperforming Wendy’s and McDonald’s. The huge fast food chain is having great sales profits around the US, in a dangerous time for its competitors, which are immobile or falling. According to a recent report provided by Citi Research, the secret ingredient behind Burger King’s success is its simplicity. “Burger King has […]

In 2009, “Family Guy” Predicted Caitly Jenner Was A Woman

Though this is not a new story, due to recent events related to Bruce Jenner, who has made public his transformation to Caitlyn Jenner, this can be considered an opportune news. In 2009, “Family Guy” released an episode titled “We Love You, Conrad.” During the episode, Brian temporarily dated Lauren Conrad, on which Stewie made […]

Iowa State Trails Crew Selected for National 2015 Youth Conservation Award

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ AmeriCorps Trail Crew has received the 2015 Youth Conservation Corps and Community Outreach award. The Coalition for Recreational Trails offers the award each year for outstanding use of recreation trail resources. The national award will be given on June 10 in Washington D.C. Whitney Davis, state trails coordinator for […]

Des Moines Register Reporter Resigns After Controversy

Des Moines Register food columnist Jennifer Miller resigned from her position weeks after she admitted to lying in one of her articles. Miller has been working at the Register since 1988, primarily covering topics related to food and beverages. In her May 5 column, Miller reported that she participated in a sauce-tasting event for Jethro’s […]