Michael Enright, An Actor From “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Is Fighting ISIS In Syria

An actor who was part of the cast from “Pirates of the Caribbean” has joined the fight against the Islamic State extremist group in Syria. Last week, Michael Enright said during an interview with Dal Aan TV, a Dubai-based station that he felt obligated to unite with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units after watching the […]

Even Iwan Rheon Who Plays Ramsay Bolton On “Game Of Thrones” Wants His Character Dead

NOTE: Spoilers ahead. Fans have their complete attention on the recent events of Season 5 of the famous TV-show “Game of Thrones”, and since the character Joffrey Baratheon has died, fans have a new person to hate, and is Ramsay Bolton. GOT’s fans are always asking for painfully and horrible deaths for the most hated […]

Wall Street Wants Michael Bloomberg To Run For President

Wall Street wants you to forget about Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush and start thinking in their own ideal candidate for president. Michael Bloomberg is the man that Wall Street wants for president though the billionaire is not interested. According to the Yale CEO Summit of this week, the discussion was focused on “drafting Bloomberg” […]

Jessica Whitney Announced Director of Consumer Protection Division

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on Wednesday announced Assistant Attorney General Jessica Whitney as the next director of the Consumer Protection Division. Whitney started in the division in 2004. Now, she is serving as a lead staff attorney in different multistate consumer investigations for-profit colleges and debt collection practices. She has also extensive experience in […]

Iowa State Patrol to Host Uniformed Safety Education Officer Workshop on June 8-11

The Iowa Department of Public Safety’s Iowa State Patrol has announced to host the 2015 Uniformed Safety Education Officer Workshop. The workshop will take place from June 8 through 11 at Stoney Creek Inn in Johnston. Safety Education Officers from twelve states will take part in the four-day Workshop. The Opening ceremony of the event […]

There’s A Chance For an Obi-Wan “Star Wars” Solo Movie Starring Ewan McGregor

It appears that Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan would be back for a “Star Wars” standalone movie. According to Schmoes Know, there are rumors that Ewan McGregor is in conversations with Disney on which they are planning to bring back the Obi-Wan Kenobi character for a new “Star Wars” movie. The Obi-Wan spinoff is a film has […]