If you ever were scolded as a kid for daydreaming, and people constantly made you to stop doing it you should know that they were wrong and you should keep daydreaming.

A lot of people think of daydreaming as a waste of time, or to not care about what is going on in the present. But this in not necessarily true.

Studies show that over one-third of our first hours when getting up is spent in daydreaming.

When MRI scans are used on people while daydreaming, the results indicate a great dynamic and active brain function, which is translated that daydreaming is a real important function.

People that tend to daydream show to be more creative. And when someone learns to daydream in complete control, the mental wanderings can be used in a positive way, as helping you to be more productive and prolific when you take over any project.

Is clearly that daydreaming have benefits, and if you learn to focus you can take advantage of it and turn any creative task and help you to be more inventive and complete anything you do. So, start daydreaming but with some direction.

Daydream about an ideal day in your future.

Daydream about where would be the perfect place for you to live, everything that would be around you, who would be with you, and what would you be doing. With more details, you will align better your daydreams to reality.

Daydream about an awesome day at work.

Daydream about the job title that you would have, about what would you be doing, how much would you make or how would you be interact with clients.

Daydream about the perfect relationship

Daydream about who could it be, how would you meet, how would it be your conversation, and what would you hope to learn from him or her, as also the influence that each one can have on the other.

Daydream about travels

Daydream on the places that would you like to go, the things that would you do, or who would be there with you.

Daydream about what things you can change in the world. 

Daydream on the things that you feel that are necessary in the world. It can go from something complex to something simple, daydream on the things that you can change in your hometown, or the things that you would like to change in the world.

Daydream about having unlimited resources.

Stop daydreaming with the resources that you have access to or that you already have. Daydream thinking on unlimited resources and infinite money, think what could you do if anything could be possible.

Daydream about being someone famous.

Daydream on everything that you could do if you were famous, the things that you could make or invent, or create. Daydream on everything that can be written on your biography if you were famous.

Daydream as an exercise so you can learn how to do it with control. From this point, you can start taking actions, with this you will be surprised at all the things you can accomplish, and only by daydreaming.

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