The question of whether Dr. Ben Carson needs a large amount of foreign policy experience has certainly come to the forefront. Ben Carson should have a lot of information and background about different allies like Germany.

Hugh Hewitt has been extremely critical of different candidates that truly may not have a proper amount of foreign policy experience. Carson and other candidates certainly need to know who the members of NATO are. The truth of the matter may be that different generals are going to play a fairly large role in dictating many foreign policy matters. Carson would likely hand a lot of things off to the National Security Council as well.

You are going to see a lot of Governors going on foreign trade missions. You can find a lot of different farmers out there that are definitely interested in selling their agricultural goods in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Ben Carson would certainly know about the different healthcare systems that these countries are using. It is true that Ben Carson would know a fair amount of information about the single payer system in Finland for example.

A good healthcare consultant does not make a strong foreign policy expert though. Hugh Hewitt of course wants everyone to be hawkish in order to be considered a foreign policy expert. It does appear that Carson has taken extremely hawkish, anti-radical Islam positions. Carson certainly gives the traditional boilerplate rhetoric about defeating radical Islam in every corner of the globe.

Just because someone knows who the leader of Qatar is does not mean that they will make a good President of the United States. Carson will be able to pick up on these matters, just as Rand Paul or Ted Cruz will. The question is whether the campaign calendar will give Ben Carson the necessary time in order to prove his foreign policy bona fides.

It may be true that Carson is merely running for President in order to get a larger piece of the conservative media enterprise.

Ben Carson will hire some major foreign policy works in order to assist in any way they can. Carson has to be able to reach out to people in the first five states in the nomination process in order to keep the cash flowing. He may be able to make a big impression with some of the large neoconservative groups in the state of Florida.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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