The Boys’ State Training School (STS) at Eldora has attained full compliance on all applicable standards in early results. This week, the American Correctional Association (ACA) assessed the school’s standard as part of its rigorous accreditation review of the campus.

The official result of the review will finalized at a national ACA conference this summer.

During a briefing this week, the three member audit team praised the State Training School as it received hundred compliance on all applicable standards, and went above the expectations of the audit team members.

The Boys’ State Training School provides a secure facility with 130 secure beds to support severely delinquent youth. The auditors said, “This is truly a humane facility.”

The audit team also praised the Eldora STS staff for showing respect to one another, and dedication in serving the juvenile boys.

“I congratulate the staff on their continued commitment to helping the youth they serve find a safe, stable environment where they can take part in programs and receive treatment tailored to their individual needs,” said Department of Human Services (DHS) Director Charles M. Palmer. “Many young men have found success because of the guidance and structure provided at the STS.”

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