McDonald’s Is Finally Giving To Workers A Raise Plus Benefits

On Wednesday, McDonald’s made the official announcement that the fast-food giant chain will give to its workers a raise. The new wage will be composed of 10% raised, including some benefits. 90.000 workers will be benefited from this raise, this amount only represents a small fraction of McDonald’s employees. Workers at franchises, which are the […]

Standford Students Are Getting Paid Almost $500.000 By Snapchat

In the latest years, Standford students from engineering schools have been able to receive huge job offers. Snapchat it is offering this year the biggest job offer so far, seniors and college grads can receive salaries from $100.000 to $300.000 in stock grants, that is down from 2014, when Snapchat would offer scholars $400.000 in […]

Iowa Falls Woman Confesses To Embezzlement

An Iowa Falls woman has confessed to the embezzlement of money from a bank where she had worked. She is accused of defrauding more than $144,000. Federal prosecutors say Teresa Kobriger embezzled the money when she was working for Iowa Falls State Bank from December 2008 to December 2012. According to prosecutors, Kobriger was charged […]

Finalists for the Iowa Star, Aurora and Quasar awards Announced

Finalists for The Des Moines Register’s 13th annual Iowa Star, Aurora and Quasar awards have been published. The award ceremony will be held on April 9. Revealing the awardees names yesterday, The Des Moines Register reports, “A former reverend who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and a pair of nonprofit groups dedicated to getting […]

T.J. Otzelberger to Join Iowa State as Assistant Coach Again

T.J. Otzelberger, former Iowa State assistant basketball coach, will rejoin the Cyclones program. Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg made the announcement on Wednesday. WHOtv reports that after serving the University of Washington for the last two seasons as an assistant coach, Otzelberger is returning the previous position as an assistant coach. He worked at […]

“Back to the Future” Reboot Trailer With Vin Diesel Creates Sensation On The Internet During April’s Fool

During April’s fool, people in the Internet went crazy and started a huge wave of rumors and discussion after seen Vin Diesel playing the part of Marty McFly in the famous trilogy reboot trailer “Fast to the Future”. The trailer was released by IGN calling it the “Back to the Future/Fast and Furious” reboot. With […]

Arkansas Governor Wants Changes In The “Religious Freedom” Bill

Wednesday, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said during a press conference that he wouldn’t sign the scandalous religious freedom bill until some changes are made. The Governor has requested that the state legislature should make modifications to the bill due to the increasing amount of criticism that the legislation has received. The wave of critics that […]