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Gubernatorial candidate Marco Battaglia on the Clubhouse Model of Mental Health Rehabilitation.


I learned so much from my tour of Passageway mental health clubhouse in Des Moines, Iowa. I met some wonderful people that have overcome great obstacles. I encourage the other gubernatorial candidates to visit. Passageway would be very excited to give you the tour. Many people I have spoken with,...

Marco Battaglia’s Questionnaire on Mental Health


I am a major party candidate for governor of Iowa. I am taking part in the DSM Register's mental health forum this evening. Here is my biography for tonights forum which will be live-streamed at https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/politics/2017/11/29/watch-live-mental-health-forum/906490001/ Marco Battaglia was born, raised, and educated in Iowa. His father grew up on a farm in...

What I Mean When I Say Give Agricultural Freedom A Chance- by Gubernatorial Candidate Marco Battaglia


Agricultural Freedom This campaign issue was inspired by my travels and interactions with farmers through the state as well as by the memory of Iowa Farmer and world champion Wrestler, Frank Gotch. The People of the state of Iowa shall have freedom of choice and practice in work and stewardship of...