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  1. Native Iowan (in blue), visits US Congressman, David Young while in D.C. for Restoring Freedom 2016 Rally w 3 Texan parents. We are fighting to see our children taken by the courts that allow false allegations of any abuse. The women here have not seen their children in many years. The fathers pictured see theirs very little. Title IV FUNDING pays to have primary status taken away & is responsible for breaking support payors. Texas mom is paying support & judge refuses to follow his Oath of office & she has no justice or any rights to her kids because of laziness by the courts. In my IOWA CASE this is temporary order to take my primary away for no change of circumstances. Twins upset that they were grounded from phones!! My ex told kids that he hasn’t talked to since 2013, because of his selfishness, to hop in a plane in the middle of the night to get to Des Moines since (he would prevail there). I have not seen my twins in 575 days. They were abducted from Texas, given a ride by a PTA lady WHILE I WAS WORKING and Judge Hulse in Adel Iowa allowed it. He also rewarded my ex and stopped his support. He was never in the twin’s lives and abducted our older 2 children 1140 days ago from Dallas Center Grimes school district which allowed it. My older 2 were locked in their classrooms when I arrived and staff stated they were “scared of me”. I have never abused kids, never done a drug in my life nor a crime. Iowa is one of the MOST corrupt states for child trafficking and stealing. Title IV is the incentive for this and your govt is getting rich off of our kids. Meanwhile, we miss every holiday and Mother’s and Father’s days. I don’t ever see or hear from my children because the judge has allowed coercive control which is child abuse!! I am pleading w you all to share this with ANYONE!! Hillary & Obama are definite players w this incentive; however, TITLE IV funding is also enjoyed in the Farm Bill. We want our kids back!! Hundreds of Iowa parents are in my PA group and suicidal over this!! Children are being mentally abused and parental alienation or Family Bond Obstruction has long-term effects. All of us now have PTSD. MY kids have been abducted 7 times. SHARED PARENTING won’t work if judges allow kidnappings & withholding of children for years. I am out over $100,000 and can no longer afford rent or food without help due to dishonest Iowa judges and lawyers that delay hearings. Please check us all out in front of the White House yelling for Obama to come out and give us back our kids!! Go to Check out PARENTAL ALIENATION AWARENESS IOWA FOR PICS w YOUNG

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