What I Mean When I Say Give Medical Freedom A Chance- by Gubernatorial Candidate Marco Battaglia

Medical Freedom

This campaign issue was inspired by Iowan Benton Mackenzie and former political candidates Dr. Doug Butzier and Dr. Lee Heib.

The People and any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of Iowa shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modalities as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.

It is absurd that in Iowa you can turn on any form of media and tune into programming that gets above average viewer-ship and be encouraged to imbibe substances that are harming us in great numbers while at the same time people are being locked up for possessing substances that provide positive results for them. You can walk a few blocks, in most populated parts of the state, and purchase items that are easily provable to be of great danger but it is still taboo, and worse yet criminal, to use certain substances as medicine. When you stop and think about it do you not want to change this? Should we not have some sensible and measurable form of justice in this state? We lock people up, fine them, and make it hard for them to find work because they possessed the wrong substance and perhaps used it in a recreational manner? Or worse yet even if they used it as medication? I believe that in this country that you should have the right to decide what type of medical care that you want. Iowans let us reestablish our right to choose our own medical practice and practitioner; lets re-establish the freedom for citizens of Iowa to practice their own forms of medical care, and lets give Iowans back freedom to purchase medications and treatments without a prescription.


Doctors and ailing individuals deserve the freedom to be able to look at each case as an individual case and not to be forced into a one-size-fits-all standard protocol and look at their patients or themselves as individuals in terms of what they can tolerate what other therapies may be best. I want to make it easier for doctors to do what they believe is best for their patients. I want medical professionals to be able to spend their time helping their patients. We should make it easy for a medical professional to open up an office in Iowa, to make house calls, to clearly list their fees, and to accept cash for care. The Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations transformed the American medical establishment in the early 20th Century. These tax exempt foundations – through their grant making power – are able to mold the idea-sphere from which medical research emerges, or is suppressed. I know many people look at national foundations and federal intervention as positive to their well-being but when studied on a case by case basis I find the results to be quite the opposite. I do believe that a number of the intentions are positive and I am not in any way opposed to a social safety net for those that are ailing or struggling, I simply believe that we would all be better off with more medical freedom.


I believe that if someone wants to treat an ailment with cannabis that they should be able to. I have received messages from Iowans that want to use cannabis to help with their appetite, to help with their menstrual pains, to reduce or end seizures, to battle cancers, to cope with chemotherapy, to cope with anxiety, and more. I believe that if someone wants to utilize hemp or raw dairy for nutrition that they should be able to. I know people that do not do well with pasteurized and/or homogenized dairy, and/or with added sweeteners in their dairy. They deserve the freedom to purchase raw milk from a farmer and a farmer deserves the freedom to sell it. I believe that if someone wants to use kratom instead of opioids  because they believe that they would be at risk for opioid abuse, or because they simply believe it to be a better option, that they should have access to do so without risking punishment or without being shamed by their fellow citizens. I believe that if someone wants to use mdma to treat PTSD that they should be able to. I believe that if someone is desperate with their addiction struggle that they should be free to use ibogaine. If someone wants to utilize ayahuasca or psilocybin mushrooms to treat depression they should have the freedom to do so without fear of punishment. The truth is that these substances have been present and utilized as far back as we currently have recorded history to account for. To deny their existence is futile, to think that they are primarily or easily used for recreational activity is ignorant, to disallow scientific study is idiotic, and to punish people for using them as medicine is tyrannical. I certainly believe that if someone has evidence that a scheduled substance is working medically for them that they should be able to be honest about this and present their case in a court of law. Anything short of this is tyranny plain and simple.


One side effect that I see to ending prohibition will be to allow our police to focus resources on the violent crimes that are happening in our communities. I believe that this will improve civilian and police relations and help to restore balance and liberty in civil justice. Another side effect that I see is that we will allow people to be open and honest with their addiction struggles to any substance. We will be able to address these issues without stigma and without forcing fines, criminal records, or incarceration upon people that simply struggle with addiction. I believe that this will also allow our citizenry and health professionals to better treat those that have addiction or mental health issues.


I want to bring discussion to the table regarding more medical freedom for mothers or parents during the birth process. We should make it easy for an Iowan to choose to have a home birth, or a birth outside of a traditional clinical setting, and for a birth professional to be allowed to operate without forcing them to go to nursing school. If we want to continue to reduce the number of abortions being done in Iowa I believe that we need to allow people the freedom to purchase birth control over the counter. We need to allow people the freedom to educate themselves and their children about how their bodies work. On the other end of the cycle we should allow people the power to end their own life in a setting that is as safe as possible, reducing harm to their loved ones and to any others whom may be involved.


I am aware that people will say things like, “with freedom comes danger”. Well I beseech you to talk to medical professionals and to talk to ailing Iowans. I beseech you to take a look around your community. Right now people can go on the internet and purchase all sorts of dangerous pills that nary a medical professional would recommend. Right now these sorts of scams are  hurting our senior citizenry as well as some of the most vulnerable among us on a daily basis. The opioid death rate and the heroin death rate are outrageous despite the state requiring a prescription for the former and “prohibiting” the latter. Kids, in some cases, are damaging their lives and in other cases dying from using synthetic substances purchased from bath and convenience stores. I was born, raised, and educated in Iowa and I grew up in Des Moines during the height of the war on drugs. And though I did not imbibe, I had access to every illicit drug imaginable to me on middle-school grounds. I don’t believe at all that ending prohibition and allowing more medical freedom will be damaging to our communities. I believe that by allowing medical freedom to the people of Iowa that we will see a happier and healthier state that can set a positive example for the country for years to come.

Letter to Toyota Motor Corporation from Marco Battaglia

Dear Mr. Takeshi Uchiyamada, Mr. Akio Toyoda, and whomever it may concern

“Well, some people create their own opportunities; others go where opportunities are the greatest; others fail to recognize opportunity when they are face to face with it.”

Walter Chrysler

I have been behind the wheel of a Toyota since I have first been allowed to learn to drive in my country. My truck has gotten me and my band all around the country safely, afford-ably, and reliably. My truck is going on the 200,000 mile mark and I intend to keep driving it as long as it continues to do so. I had to laugh in high school when people would make remarks about me not driving a Chevy or a Ford because there are only a handful of companies that make more or very many more of their autos in the USA than Toyota. Off the top of my head Tesla and Jeep are among the few. I am of the belief that people anywhere on the globe would benefit from supporting local business and having more options of things that are manufactured locally, using locally sourced goods when possible. I think that it would be wonderful to have a new Toyota plant in Iowa and I think that you should give the thought some heavy consideration. I think that the workforce, and locations available would surpass your needs and expectations. On the other side of the bargain, approximately 4000 new jobs paying well above average wages? What Governor would not want that for the citizenry? Great question, if I may say so myself. I do however think that more and more consumers are beginning to take notice of what we now commonly call “incentive packages”. And I do think that everyone in the state that gives a damn should be pondering how to tackle the State budget, of which analysts expect Iowa’s total budget shortfall to reach about $350 million this year. I do know that your company often makes its moves based on business decisions. What do you think the cost in public relations would be if you chose to turn down what some now call corporate welfare and relied simply on the current strength of your company? I think that this move would be invaluable to the profitability of your company. Good products and good service speak for themselves. Just think Iowa we could woo companies just by being a damn good workforce and by simplifying our taxation so that it is clear and fair to local business and global corporations alike. I believe that when we think about government subsidies we should include thinking about tax loopholes and all manner of regulatory and trade decisions that give one company an edge over another via government force. The label of corporate welfare is often used to decry projects advertised as benefiting the general welfare that spend a disproportionate amount of funds on large corporations, and often in uncompetitive, or anti-competitive ways. For instance, in Iowa, agricultural subsidies are usually portrayed as helping independent farmers stay afloat. However, the majority of income gained from commodity support programs actually goes to large agribusiness corporations, as they own a considerably larger percentage of production than many remaining family farmers or new farmers do. What better way to win favor of consumers but to decree that their hard work and advantageous location is enough to make a situation win-win?


Gubernatorial candidate Marco Battaglia

Opinion: Why I Am Running For Governor


Politicians in this state aren’t looking out for the interest of Iowans. Too often they are more concerned with scoring points against their political opposition. They use the budget as a weapon to turn against their opponents. Instead of cutting big waste in the thousand plus page budget, they make drastic cuts to things such as mental health facilities, domestic violence shelters, and sexual abuse hotlines which make up a very small part of the budget and do help people in life or death situations.

Recently, I announced that I was relaunching my campaign for the Libertarian Party nomination for Iowa Governor. With the state’s current financial crisis, people have asked me to run. I want to be a Governor for all Iowans. I want to help provide solutions to our financial issues, to take power away from the state and give it back to the individual. I have no interest in partisan fighting and doing the same things that have got us in this mess.

Sick children and individuals shouldn’t have to wait years for the Iowa legislature to do something about medical cannabis. We should demand leadership from our elected officials. While they play games, sick people are denied medication. While the Legislature and Governor have sat on their hands, sick Iowans have continued to suffer.

Our state shouldn’t be giving welfare to large, financially sound corporations while raising our taxes and borrowing from the state’s emergency fund. I don’t view a Governor and the legislature not knowing how to make a budget as being an emergency. What happens when a major flood occurs, or another natural disaster happens, and the state has no emergency funds left to use? Recently, our State Treasurer told us that the state of Iowa is on the brink of not being able to pay its bills and we also learned that tax refunds were delayed because the state didn’t have the money to pay them on time.

We have a government more interested in partisan politics than doing what is best for the state. We have a Governor and legislature that deny sick Iowans their medication, can’t set a realistic budget, refuse to cut spending, and gives the keys to the state to big corporations. It is time for real solutions to get us out of this mess.

As Governor, I would do a detailed analysis of every government department and agency in the state and my recommended budget would first cut out waste, consolidate many of them to make them more efficient, and eliminate unnecessary government.

With your support, we will restore the motto of this great state and once again we will prize your liberties and maintain your rights.

Jake Porter is a business consultant in Council Bluffs and is a Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in 2018.

The Iowa Free Press on Cryptocurrency


          The way value has changed hands has frequently fluctuated over the course of civilization. It seems that 2017 is likely to be the year the cryptocurrency becomes mainstream. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009. Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

         There were more than 900 cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of the 23rd of July 2017 and the number is growing. Ethereum is the second largest digital currency after bitcoin currently. It has seen its value rise fifty-fold since the start of the year to $300 a coin. Ethereum is followed by Ripple and Litecoin in popularity currently. Big banks, tech giants, and other organizations—including J.P. Morgan Chase, Microsoft, and Intel—are uniting to build business-ready versions of the software behind Ethereum, a decentralized computing network based on digital currency.

         South Korea has officially legalized international Bitcoin transfers and is on the verge of providing a regulatory framework for Bitcoin trading platforms and exchanges. On February 12 of this year, Coin-telegraph reported that the central bank of the Philippines officially legalized Bitcoin as a remittance method and as a result, Bitcoin industry in the Philippines experienced a surge in growth. Already, according to market data sources, the South Korean Bitcoin exchange market processes over 14 percent of global Bitcoin trades, the third largest market behind the US and Japan. Last month a new gold-backed currency was launched in Dubai. It is a cryptocurrency known as OneGram (OGC), backed by one gram of gold. There is a fixed number of OGCs. According to the managers, “the amount of gold backing each OGC will increase with time.” OneGram has been launched by a private company of the same name. The company claims to offer a proof-of-stake blockchain that is ‘’further anonymized’ than Bitcoin.

          In July Barclays’ CEO for personal and corporate banking, Ashok Vaswani, revealed the lender had opened discussions with UK regulators about adopting digital currencies. The People’s Bank of China has reportedly run trials, while the Danish central bank is considering a digital-only e-krone. For at least one retailer that accepts Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is flowing. Online furniture retailer Overstock.com said earlier this year that it now handles about 100,000 Bitcoin transactions a week, up from 30,000 a year earlier.



“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“ Thomas Carlyle

Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate

Guest Post from Jason Karimi- Executive Director Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana

             As a former delegate to the Iowa GOP convention, I’d like to weigh in and clear up some confusion concerning the status of medical cannabis laws in the country that has been passed around over the past few years.

While attempting to reach out to House Leadership, our calls for private communication to clear these issues up were not only ignored and turned away but compounded by illegitimate statements made through the media. These statements can be quickly resolved with a basic review of case law and the Constitution – important information to be utilized by the party of limited government.

One of the main concerns amongst Republicans is that a lack of FDA approval means Iowa cannot pass an intrastate program as 28 other states and the District of Columbia have already done. Yet a quick review of the precedent setting case from 1987, Grinspoon vs. DEA, shows that this is not the case – states do not rely on the FDA for deciding what is and is not medicine. If the party of limited government wants to hide behind federal law, so be it, but that excuse is invalidated with a brief review of this case:

…Another possible reason for failure to obtain FDA new drug approval is that the manufacture, distribution, and use of a substance might not involve interstate marketing. [Footnote 10] Unlike the CSA scheduling restrictions, the FDCA Interstate marketing provisions do not apply to drugs manufactured and marketed wholly intrastate. Compare 21 U.S.C. S 801(5) with 21 U.S.C. S 321(b), 331, 355(a). Thus, it is possible that a substance may have both an accepted medical use and safety for use under medical supervision, even though no one has deemed it necessary to seek approval for interstate marketing.

— Grinspoon vs. DEA (1987)

So while we support the interstate cannabis program idea floated at the beginning of the session, this case must be included in the discussion of such a program. Regardless, an intrastate medical cannabis program — meaning within Iowa only — does not need nor require FDA approval for safety. We do not need Big Brother making our medical decisions. That decision has been decided already — definitively.

Another concern of Legislators is that without the go-ahead from the federal government’s new administration, something may go wrong. While the new President has expressly stated his support for medical cannabis laws – intrastate, not interstate – the Attorney General’s vocal personal opinions are irrelevant when presented with two important cases. In 2005, the US Supreme Court told medical patient Angel Raich that in order to resolve the state/federal conflict, there was a process in the Controlled Substances Act that needed to be followed. That process was explained in on page 28 in a footnote – this would not remove federal controls, but it would alleviate potential federal interference while opening the door to more research, making for a cooperative system of federalism rather than the civil war seen in other states around the country. The system was designed to work, in spite of other states refusal to respect the required process. From page 28 of the case:

…the CSA would still impose controls beyond what is required by California law. The CSA requires manufacturers, physicians, pharmacies, and other handlers of controlled substances to comply with statutory and regulatory provisions mandating registration with the DEA, compliance with specific production quotas, security controls to guard against diversion, record-keeping and reporting obligations, and prescription requirements.”

And on page 28, footnote 37 hinted that the remedy for federal interference being removal of Schedule I was ignored by cannabis lawyers for years – until Iowa lead the nation in resolving this issue in 2010 with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy’s expert panel recommendation that cannabis be reclassified and legalized in Iowa. Here’s the footnote’s relevant portion:

…the possibility that the drug may be reclassified in the future has no relevance to the question whether Congress now has the power to regulate its production and distribution.

So, removal of Schedule I is mandatory as part of the process of solving this state-federal conflict. Furthermore, the 2006 case Gonzales vs. Oregon explains that the Big Government solution of states kowtowing to the federal government’s decrees was actually prevented from happening when the CSA was enacted – states must lead the way, not the federal government – and the party of limited government direly needs this information. Closing off communication channels while making incorrect statements in the media about “fears” and “concerns” shows a lack of compassion, an unwillingness to do the necessary work to resolve this issue appropriately, and a close-mindedness that is based in fear of the unknown. From Gonzales vs. Oregon:

(“The Attorney General has rule-making power to fulfill his duties under the CSA. The specific respects in which he is authorized to make rules, however, instruct us that he is not authorized to make a rule declaring illegitimate a medical standard for care and treatment of patients that is specifically authorized under state law.”)

So, with a review of the basic case law, federal interference is a non-issue. Medical cannabis is going to happen. Inevitably. This is an issue about values, and as the truth will be set free, more people will get on board with supporting this issue.

While we are more than capable of avoiding the pitfalls of the other states, we need Republicans fully educated on this issue in the House in order to make the best decisions for Iowans. Please send this article to your representatives. You can find their email addresses on the “Find Your Legislator” page of the Iowa Legislature website. Send them this article to help us clear up the misinformation so we can get the illegal drugs off the street, into a legal control system, and out of the hands of criminals and teenagers. Children’s lives and futures are desperately depending on it, and there is no more time to waste.

Jason Karimi

Executive Director

Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana

A Republic, if we can reclaim it. The Iowa Free Press and the JFK Files Impending Release.



If anyone is crazy enough to want to kill a president of the United States, he can do it. All he must be prepared to do is give his life for the president’s.”

Attributed to John F. Kennedy via Pierre Salinger, With Kennedy (1966), Chapter 1: Lancer to Wayside, page 1

Texas is the reason that the president’s dead”

Glenn Danzig

“I’m pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted.”

Bruce Willis

But nobody reads. Don’t believe people will read in this country. There will be a few professors that will read the record. The public will read very little.”

Allen Dulles, Warren Commission Meeting, July 9, 1964

It is not a theory that the federal government is still keeping information withheld about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. It is a documented fact. This assassination, arguably the greatest crime of the 20th century, occurred in broad daylight before the eyes of hundreds of witnesses. It is known that the unreleased files contain at least thousands of documents. The files are set to be released in October of this year. The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, or the JFK Records Act, is a public law passed by the United States Congress, effective October 26, 1992. It directed the National Archives and Records Administration to establish a collection of records to be known as the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection. It stated that the collection shall consist of copies of all U.S. government records relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, which shall be transmitted to the National Archives. Assassination records also included those created or made available for use by, obtained by, or that otherwise came into the possession of any state or local law enforcement office that provided support or assistance or performed work in connection with a federal inquiry into the assassination.


Author Jefferson Morley put out an ebook last year, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, that provides a researched account of the JFK records that the government is still concealing as of this moment. Between his work and the online database linked here, here is some of the information purported to be withheld.

Morley Book

According to the National Archives online JFK data base, the CIA retains a 123-page file on William King Harvey’s operations. Bill Harvey was one of the most highly regarded CIA officers of his generation.


A search of the online JFK database of the National Archives shows that the CIA retains four files containing 606 pages of material on David Phillips. David Phillips was from Fort Worth, Texas, and he was recruited into the CIA in the 1950s and won a medal for his work in the CIA’s overthrow of the government of Guatemala in 1954. With Howard Hunt, Phillips went on to play a leading role in the CIA’s failed effort to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961. Working undercover in Mexico City in 1963, Phillips was involved in the pre-assassination surveillance of Oswald.


According to the National Archives online JFK data base, the CIA has a 286-page file of Anne Goodpasture’s operational activities that has never been made public. Anne Goodpasture was a career CIA officer who served in 1963 as the top aide to Winston Scott, the longtime chief of the agency’s station in Mexico City. She also worked closely with David Phillips. When the CIA’s photo and audio surveillance monitors picked up on the curious actions of a man identifying himself as “Lee Oswald” in September and October 1963, the reports were sent to Goodpasture. Thus Goodpasture became acquainted with Oswald’s political views, personal history and contacts seven weeks before JFK was killed.


According to the National Archives’online JFK data base, the CIA has 36 files on the interrogation of Yuri Nosenko, amounting to 2,224 pages of material. None of these records have ever been made public. Yuri Nosenko was an officer in the Soviet KGB who defected to the United States in April 1964, shortly after the assassination of JFK. Nosenko said that he had seen the files that the KGB compiled on accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in his two and a half year residence in the Soviet Union between 1959 and 1962.


According to the National Archives’online JFK data base, the CIA has a 61-page file on David Sanchez Morales that has never been made public. David Morales was a career CIA officer who served as the chief of operations at the CIA’s Miami station in 1963 where he worked with David Phillips and Howard Hunt. He later served in Laos and Vietnam where he gained a reputation as a skillful and deadly soldier.



In the course of a lawsuit seeking George Joannides’s records, the CIA acknowledged that it retains more than 50 documents about Joannides’s actions in 1963 and 1978. In 1963, Joannides, an undercover officer, worked for David Phillips and he worked with David Morales. His job title was chief of psychological warfare operations at the CIA’s Miami station; his job was running agents.


According to the National Archives’online JFK data base there are six files containing 332 pages of material on one Howard Hunt. E. Howard Hunt was a career CIA officer. In 1961, he was a leader of the CIA’s failed effort to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. Intelligence officer E. Howard Hunt was associated with QKENCHANT. Hunt, with G. Gordon Liddy and others, was one of the White House’s “plumbers”—a secret team of operatives charged with fixing “leaks”. There is video of Howard Hunt on his death bed, as well as video of LBJ’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, both suggesting that LBJ was heavily involved in the events of the day of the assassination.


It is merely speculated as to whether any of the censored files include information on Frank Anthony Sturgis or Bernard Leon Barker. Frank Sturgis was one of the five Watergate burglars whose capture led to the end of the Presidency of Richard Nixon. He served in several branches of the United States military and in the Cuban Revolution of 1958, and worked as an undercover operative. Bernard Barker was a Watergate burglar. He had a long career as an undercover operative.



In the mid 90’s a man confessed to the shooting. His name was James Files. In 1994, while serving a 50 year sentence for the 1991 attempted murders of two police officers, Files gave an interview stating that he was the “grassy knoll shooter” in the 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy. In 2010, Playboy magazine published an article by Hillel Levin in which Files also implicated Chicago mafioso’s Charles Nicoletti and John Roselli in the assassination of Kennedy. James Files was released to parole in 2016. Based on my research James Files has never gained money nor much notoriety from his confession.

Playboy Article


The Warren Commission, set up to investigate the Kennedy assassination, was aware of many of these details. Their investigations showed that pre-planning of vast proportions had taken place. They buried their additional findings and endorsed the same theory, altered via Gerald Ford and clarified via J. Edgar Hoover, printed in the countries papers and shared on the other news formats the Monday after the assassination. In fact they could have just saved the tax payers money and put out the same conclusion as Life magazine issued much earlier. Included on the committee of the Warren Commission you had the individual that was the moving force behind Japanese internment during World War II, John Jay McCloy, also the force behind the option to drop the atomic bombs, and the former head of the CIA, Allen Welsh Dulles, of whom Kennedy had just forced to resign. History seems clear that some on the commission wanted to do an honest and thorough job, unfortunately they had access to the least evidence of any of the subsequent researchers to take on the case to date. Hale Boggs, the most vocal member of the commission whom dissented from their conclusion, suffered an early death subject to much speculation and suspicion itself. This death was one of hundreds of questionable deaths that have been met by individuals on quests for the truth in relation to the events of the assassination. Also dissenting from the given conclusion were Senators Sherman Cooper and Richard Russell. As one of three Republicans on the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, Sherman Cooper was involved with the investigation of Johnson aide Bobby Baker in 1964, which he decried as “a whitewash” after the committee blocked further investigation. Richard Russell’s personal papers indicated that he was troubled by the Commission’s outcome, the Soviet Union’s failure to provide greater detail regarding Lee Harvey Oswald’s time in Russia, and the lack of information regarding his Cuba-related activities.



There were many reasons for powerful people wanting Kennedy out of office, including but certainly not limited to, Bobby Kennedy’s aggressive prosecutions and investigations into the mob, arguably unmatched at anytime before or since in American history. There was also Kennedy’s threat to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, as well his desire to dismantle the “vast military Industrial complex!”. Kennedy was talking about reducing the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. It was reported that he used cannabis while in the White House. He was helping to dissipate remaining negative views towards other races, Catholics and immigrants. He was reading Jefferson and espousing some of the views of the Democratic-Republican Presidents. He was also intimidating Israel calling for nuclear inspections. There was the success of the Vienna Summit and the likely-hood of improved relations with Russia. There was his issuing of Executive Order 11110 and his communications with Indonesian President Sukarno that threatened the balance of world powers. Foreign powers helped overthrow Indonesia’s President Sukarno in 1966. Over the following thirty years, half a million Indonesian people died. The world view pursued as U.S. foreign policy by Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles, as secretary of state under Eisenhower, envisioned employing U.S. military action to preserve U.S. business interests, whether or not it was truly in U.S. national security interests. Kennedy had fired both the Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, and the Deputy Director, Charles Cabell after the failed secret war in the Bay of Pigs. Cabell’s brother, Earl, was the mayor of Dallas at the time.

Executive Order 11110

National Security Action Memorandum Number 55

National Security Action Memorandum 263

National Security Action Memorandum No. 273

Attorney General Robert Kennedy Attacks on Organized Crime by Name


According to his son, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr, Robert F. Kennedy believed that the Warren Commission was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship”. Allen Welsh Dulles all but admitted at the time that the Warren Commission’s job was to cover up that the United States had become a Banana Republic via coup d’etat. Evelyn Maurine Norton Lincoln was the personal secretary to John F. Kennedy from his election to the United States Senate in 1953 until his 1963 assassination in Dallas. Lincoln wrote a letter dated October 7, 1994, to Richard Duncan, a teacher at North-side Middle School in Roanoke, VA, in which she stated: “As for the assassination is concerned it is my belief that there was a conspiracy because there were those that disliked him and felt the only way to get rid of him was to assassinate him. These five conspirators, in my opinion, were Lyndon B. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, the Mafia, the CIA, and the Cubans in Florida.” The FBI, the CIA, and The Pentagon have employed nazi’s or former nazi’s, mafia, economic hit-men, and professional murderers.  During the Eisenhower administration it is with the end of alcohol prohibition, the rise of the modern drug trade, and state controlled gambling that the lines really started to blur. It is well known that many of the Kennedy’s were directly involved in these relations. History shows that Kennedy’s father used these ties to give his son’s political careers, including massive voter fraud in JFK’s presidential victory. Kennedy carried Cook County Illinois, which includes Chicago, by 318,736 votes — more than double his national margin of 118,574 votes. There is evidence to suggest that  there was a plot brewing to kill Castro and cover it via a barrage of mainstream media disinformation. Some historians have alluded that this pre-existing plot, albeit having attempted to be called off and terribly botched, had it’s location and target changed, and that it was carried out sooner than anticipated.



Another interesting aspect of the fateful day is that Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1963, an advertisement under “Club Activities” was published in the Dallas Morning News stating that George HW Bush, president, Zapata Off-Shore Co., would be speaking for the American Association of Oilwell Drilling contractors at 6:30 p.m., the next day at the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel. The advertisement places George H. W. Bush in Dallas the day before JFK was assassinated; there is no public record indicating when Bush left Dallas on that trip. Further, an FBI memo written by J. Edgar Hoover on Nov. 29, 1963, advised that the FBI office in Miami warned the Department of State on Nov. 23, 1963, one day after the assassination, that “some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy might herald a change in U.S. policy, which is not true.”



In November 1963, the available evidence indicates that President John F. Kennedy was on the verge of deciding to remove Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson from the 1964 Democratic Party presidential ticket. The intense Democratic Party in-fighting in Texas, a primary reason JFK included Dallas in the upcoming trip, brought into question whether Johnson could be as effective in 1964 as he had been in 1960. Even with LBJ on the ticket in 1960, Kennedy won Texas in 1960 by fewer than 48,000 votes of the approximately 1.3 million cast. Days after Kennedy died, the new President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared that he will not “lose Vietnam” during a meeting with US Ambassador to South Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge, in Washington, and troop escalation in Vietnam began. Over the next few months Johnson changed the whole power structure in Washington. The CIA’s existence was now assured and the direction that Kennedy had been taking the country in had been permanently altered. Enter former Iowa Governor and Senator, Harold E. Hughes. Hughes, a friend to the Kennedy’s, would shortly take issue with Johnson’s change of direction on Vietnam. Here is his account of a 1966 confrontation with Lyndon Johnson on the matter told in his own words: “He stopped and I wanted to haul back and punch him in the jaw.” Even though LBJ performed some of his famous acting on the day of the assassination there is no evidence that anyone was trying to do him any harm that day. However, this was not the case with Texas Governor at the time, John Connally. Unfortunately Governor Connally’s clothing was allowed to be removed from evidence and dry cleaned prior to being collected. Several months afterward, Connally explained that it “felt as if someone had just hit me in the back, a sharp blow with a doubled-up fist. […] It more or less knocked me over, at least enough to where I looked down. And of course I was covered with blood, and frankly thought that I had been fatally hit.” Before losing consciousness, Connally recalled seeing a chunk of Kennedy’s brain fall onto his trousers. Connally, meanwhile, underwent surgery for wounds to his back, chest, wrist and thigh, and ended up making a full recovery. He later speculated both he and Kennedy might have been targets. He went on to run for president in 1980, but never gained much traction against Ronald Reagan in the Republican primaries. Though once quite wealthy, Connally filed for bankruptcy protection in 1987, emerging within a year. He died in June 1993 due to complications from pulmonary fibrosis. Dallas car salesman James Tague, then 27, was late to a lunch date with his future wife on November 22, 1963, when he ran into a traffic jam outside Dealey Plaza. Tague, who was only vaguely aware of the president’s visit, got out of his vehicle to find out what was going on. Just then, he heard a loud bang and felt something slam into his right cheek. A bullet had apparently hit the curb next to him and sent debris flying into his face. Tague’s cheek wound was minor, but demonstrated that at least one of the shots meant for Kennedy must have missed its target. As Tague ducked behind a concrete abutment, he saw the presidential limo racing toward the hospital, and only realized he had been wounded after he was approached by a Dallas police officer on the scene. Tague has also authored two books on the subject. The latest, alleges that LBJ and his associates planned the killing with the help of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.



Clay LaVerne Shaw was a businessman in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the only person to date prosecuted in connection with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and was acquitted. The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The HSCA completed its investigation in 1978 and issued its final report the following year, concluding that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. They implicated Santo Trafficante Jr., Carlos Marcello, Johnny Rosselli, and David Sánchez Morales as players in the conspiracy. John “Handsome Johnny” Roselli, sometimes spelled Rosselli, was an influential mobster for the Chicago Outfit who helped that organization control Hollywood and the Las Vegas Strip. In the early 1960s, Roselli was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a plot to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Carlos Marcello, also known as The Godfather and “The Little Man” Marcello was an Sicilian-American mafioso who became the boss of the New Orleans crime family during the 1940s and held this position for the next thirty years. Santo Trafficante Jr. was one of the last of the old-time Mafia bosses in the United States. He allegedly controlled organized criminal operations in Florida and Cuba, which had previously been consolidated from several rival gangs by his father, Santo Trafficante Sr. Reputedly the most powerful mafioso in Batista-era Cuba, he never served time in a United States prison.


Jack Van Laningham was a decorated war vet. He came upon hard times and decided to hold up a bank. Jack turned himself in to the FBI two weeks later, and ultimately was sentenced to eight Years in Texarkana Prison in Texarkana, Arkansas. While in prison, Jack befriended the aforementioned, Carlos Marcello. Carlos was made by Lucky Luciano and ran a crime network that spanned the entire south, including Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. He also controlled casinos in Cuba. While in prison, Jack was approached by The FBI. They leaned on him and cajoled him to work as an informant. Jack served in the longest running FBI sting to date, called CAMTEX. Jack put his life on the line for over two years, securing admissions and evidence that linked Marcello to the ordered hits on John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa. Lamar Waldron’s, book, “Legacy of Secrecy” outlines in great detail, Marcello’s ties to Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. There is a Leonardo DiCaprio project entitled, “Legacy of Secrecy”, that is currently categorized as in development. In this project DiCaprio is set to portray Jack Van Laningham.


Washington-based Assassinations Archive and Research Center, or AARC has been urging citizens to lobby Congress in support of a Freedom of Information Act request the organization has filed with the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA. AARC is protesting a NARA decision to withhold from the public until at least October of this year, the classified government documents on the JFK assassination. It appears that one way or another we will learn more than we have ever known before about the shooting of John F. Kennedy by the end of October. I believe that any government operates best in transparency. I believe that the American people deserve access to every last bit of Kennedy information kept private via the government. If there are files related to the Kennedy assassination that could be considered matters of national security than to me this raises more questions than answers still to this day.


UPDATE as of 11/06/2017-

Slavery did not vanish in Saudi Arabia until King Faisal issued a decree for its total abolition in 1962. Peter Hobday stated that about 1,682 slaves were freed at that time, at a cost to the government of $2,000 each. It is argued that the US began to raise the issue of slavery after the meeting between King Abdulaziz and US president Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945 and that John F. Kennedy finally persuaded the House of Saud to abolish slavery in 1962. JFK and Faisal are both victims of assassination. Though Faisal made it past the ides of march 1975 until he was murdered. As of this minute we get closer and closer to having all of the data available from the JFK assassination records public.

On October 21, 2017 US President Donald Trump stated on his Twitter account that he will allow the release of the remaining documents. He tweeted:

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened”

His statement hinted the possibility of some documents could still be withheld if their release would harm military operations, law enforcement or foreign relations.

On October 26 Trump signed a memo ensuring the release of 2,800 previous withheld or redacted documents and putting the remaining ones under review until April 26, 2018. 2,891 of at least 3,140 documents which were still classified were made public. This included details about proposals to assassinate Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba and Indonesian president Sukarno, as well as attempts during the 1960s and 1970s to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro through Operation Mongoose and other plots. US Attorney General Robert Kennedy was reluctant to recruit the Mafia in the assassination attempts against Castro due to his push against organized crime. These documents were the last ones which were required to be released under Section 5 of the law, while the remaining ones still classified will only be analyzed for redactions. Tonight in my home city of Des Moines, Iowa, author Jefferson Morley is holding an event. Jefferson Morley is a journalist and editor who has worked in Washington journalism for over thirty years, fifteen of which were spent as an editor and reporter at the Washington Post. The author of Our Man in Mexico, a biography of the CIA’s Mexico City station chief Winston Scott, Morley has written about intelligence, military, and political subjects for Salon, the Atlantic, and The Intercept, among other publications. He is the editor of JFK Facts, a blog. He is one of the most respected journalists going to have covered the JFK assassination and the ongoing aftermath up this minute. He will be talking about his new book about CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton as well as being open to questions about the deep state and the JFK assassination records. I hope to see you there!  

Jefferson Morley event at the Des Moines Social club TONIGHT 5:30 FREE



“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“
Thomas Carlyle

Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate

I had this article set to be released on what may have been Johnny’s one-hundredth birthday. I however bumped up it’s release due to concern over current events. I firmly believe that the Federal Government’s unwillingness to attempt to tell the truth about what they know on this matter, and such things like 911, and the Pentagon and Federal Reserve audits, has gotten us to where we are today at this moment in history. In the interest of national security I believe in full disclosure in regards to these matters. This article is dedicated to the countless lives that have been lost in the quest for the accurate telling of the crime, including that of a major hero in the story, Jim Garrison from Denison, Iowa, and to my Godfather, Doctor Rodger Marion Battani. And to the truth. Ride Johnny ride. When I was 12 years old my cousin Rodger took me to Dealey Plaza. He explained to me what he knew about what he believed to be accurate about the events of November 22, 1963. I stood, very likely in the vicinity, of where the critical shot came from. Colder cases with much less available evidence are solved every day. There are recorded sights, sounds, smells, and touches that point us toward the truth. The clothing worn by President Kennedy on the day of his assassination is preserved at the National Archives and Records Administration facility in College Park, Maryland. I don’t think that this is much of a mystery to anyone that cares to do the research. I think that those of us that care to, know much more about what happened than has yet to be admitted by the federal government. I demand the release of the remaining files. Let us reclaim our Republic.


The Iowa Free Press and Iowa Politics 2017

“The most thoroughly and relentlessly Damned, banned, excluded, condemned, forbidden, ostracized, ignored, suppressed, repressed, robbed, brutalized and defamed of all Damned things is the individual human being. The social engineers, statisticians, psychologists, sociologists, market researchers, landlords, bureaucrats, captains of industry, bankers, governors, commissars, kings and presidents are perpetually forcing this Damned Thing into carefully prepared blueprints and perpetually irritated that the Damned Thing will not fit into the slot assigned to it. The theologians call it a sinner and tries to reform it. The governor calls it a criminal and tries to punish it. The psychotherapist calls it neurotic and tries to cure it. Still, the Damned Thing will not fit into their slots.”

                                                                                                                               Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson


No matter how you feel about what is going on in DC, there has never been a better time to get involved in Iowa politics! Be it at the state, county, city, or community level, it is no secret that this is where the individual has the most influence in this country. There are plenty of ways to be active outside of political parties but if you would like to get involved or simply make your voice heard, here are what some of the growing Iowa parties have coming up.

This week the Libertarian Party of Iowa filed to become Iowa’s third recognized political party. Political party status is a legal definition established by Iowa Code which allows the party certain privileges including the ability to participate in the Primary Election. With party status, Iowan Libertarians will be able to vote for Libertarian candidates in the 2018 primaries.

The next Libertarian Party county public meeting will be the Polk County meeting.

Thursday, February 16 from 7 PM – 9 PM

Urbandale Public Library

3520 86th St, Urbandale, Iowa 50322


This will be followed shortly by the state convention.

Friday Night: March 24th, from 7-10pm, The Libertarian Party of Iowa will be hosting a state convention-eve social at Legend’s Bar and Grill (located at Birchwood Crossing, 8460 Birchwood Ct, Johnston, IA 50131). You will have a chance to meet and talk with keynote speaker Larry Sharpe in a casual relaxed setting. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. They can be purchased via the link below.


Facebook Event for the Convention



Saturday: March 25th Convention registration begins at 8:00am and continues until 10am. There will be a working session for LPIA members from 8:15-9:45 to review proposed bylaw and constitution changes. Our speakers begin at 10am with keynote Larry Sharpe, Professor Tim Johnson, and LP Regional Representative Dave Demarest and continue through lunch. After lunch we will have our state business meeting for voting members. We will be voting on bylaw and constitution changes as well as determining our state executive committee members for the next two year. The business portion of the convention is free. Admission to the full day is $40 in advance (by March 16th); $50 for late registration (after March 16th), this admission includes lunch.


Since the presidential election, Iowa Greens have been busy with new projects, organizing new local chapters and thinking ahead to the next elections. Here is some of what they are working on.

  • Iowa Greens have requested and support legislative bills to adopt Instant Runoff Voting to make elections more fair and to ban abusive use of seclusion rooms in Iowa’s schools.
  • The Iowa Green Party strongly supports the work of the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND, and the Dakota Access Pipeline resisters along the route throughout Iowa. Members have visited the camps, bringing donations and supplies.
  • The Iowa Green Party is looking ahead to coming election cycles, and plan to recruit, run, and elect Green candidates to office.

Check out list of contacts around the state to find a chapter near you: http://iowagreens.org/contacts.htm. If there isn’t one in your area, write to iowa@greens.org to find out more about how you can be involved. They are always looking to start new chapters and movements around the state! Also, you can help them raise funds by purchasing t-shirts or donating to the greens at their website (http://iowagreens.org/).

IAGP contacts:
Secretary of the IAGP: Holly Hart (hhart11@gmail.com)
Co-chairs of the IAGP: Ted Pfeiff (tpfeiff@earthlink.net), Henry Gaff (henry.latios@gmail.com)
Treasurer of the IAGP: Ray Meyer (rcmeyer@iowatelecom.net)

Black Hawk County: Henry Gaff (henry.latios@gmail.com)
Cerro Gordo County: Shaun Buchite (buchiteshaun@yahoo.com)
Dallas County: Justin Waters (justinjwaters96@gmail.com)
Des Moines County: Richard Johnson (panther78@gmail.com)
Johnson County: Holly Hart (hhart11@gmail.com)
Linn County: contact at dr_pac-man@mschi.com
Scott County: Ted Pfeiff (tpfeiff@earthlink.net)
Washington County: Dawn Jones (dawnj@netins.net)
Winnesheik County: Christine Mohrhauser (christine_roseflame@yahoo.com)
Woodbury County: David Grimes (rangerdave1973@gmail.com)


Joel Kurtinitis was a Regional Director for Ron Paul 2012, a state co-chair for Ted Cruz in 2016, and a State Central Committee member in the Republican Party of Iowa. He is heading up state party formation of the Iowa Federalist Party. If you are interested in leading or assisting in efforts here at home, you can reach him at joel@thefederalistparty.org.

If you are interested in becoming involved, either with a party or as an independent, you are always welcome to attend your community, city, and state political events. If you are interested in one of the established parties, many of the county affiliates started with people simply having gatherings of a few people in their homes, at libraries, or at coffee shops. If you are interested in running for office you will have more options in 2017 and 2018 than ever before in Iowa. You may now register or change your party affiliation online via the link below.



“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“ Thomas Carlyle

Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017

    “All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

“A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy.”

-Aldous Huxley

                        Happy MLK JR. Day. While usury has made a mockery of the war on poverty the spirit of peaceful revolution lives on. I think that we all still encounter ugly fear inspired words and actions from time to time. No matter what complexion of skin the person has that the actions or words are directed to, we all must stand with our neighbors when we notice such things being directed at them. We owe it to our ancestors, those that truly meant it when they said that they wanted freedom to ring for all citizens, to be aware that the roots of slavery and oppression run deep. In 2015 Jeralean Talley passed away at the age of 116. Her grandfather was a slave. She lived by the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. Donella Wilson is 106-years-old. She is the granddaughter of a slave. Black women could not vote freely in America until she was in her 50s. In his last speech King said, “You know, whenever Pharaoh wanted to prolong the period of slavery in Egypt, he had a favorite formula for doing it. What was that? He kept the slaves fighting among themselves.”

         It is 2017 and slaves are still turning dogs and fire-hoses on fellow slaves. What do you know about Dr. MLK JR? Did you know that he was a fan of Star Trek and that he pondered about what life out in the galaxy might think of us? Did you know that in his last speech he called for withdrawing economic support from those that practice economic and social tyranny? From those that practice institutional racism? He also asked people to move their money away from banks and insurance companies that practiced economic and social tyranny. MLK spoke about waging a war against usury by having citizens build a strong economic base and by using the power of their purses and pocketbooks. Those in power tried to divide us yet again with their so called war on poverty and it has worked for some time.

               But we once again feel their strength waning. Doctor King may have been a Trekkie but he was staring down the guns of an empire. Does this empire have a weakness in it’s deathstars? I know that they do. Their weakness is our cooperation. Their weakness is love. What if we would have taken all of the money spent between Vietnam and Syria and on the misguided welfare plans and invested in education, or healthcare, or simply have spread it evenly among the 98%? This is not the worst of it! The same tyrants that beat the drums of war in hopes of starting conflict with Iran…..without so much as a peep in congress these same tyrants bailed out the very 2% of whom’s decedents have made slaves of us all. Worse yet, they bailed them out with YOUR money. Through cooperation, Republican Ron Paul, Independent Bernie Sanders, and Democrat Alan Grayson exposed a weakness in their death stars. By passing audit the fed these fellows exposed their monopolies and their usury. 16 trillion dollars were stolen from all of us. This is roughly a quarter of a million dollars per household. This is just from the most recent bailout. You can read the audit yourself on Bernie Sanders website.

               We do not have to be slaves to their military industrial complex, to their monopolies, and to their system of overbearing taxation and usury. Remember that now that the Empire is Striking Back….the key to their downfall is cooperation and love. As a young man I hugged Ron Paul and asked him for his number one piece of advice, he told me to be patient and kind to those that saw things differently than myself. I believe that we should all be patient and kind to our neighbors all around the planet and stand against those that would commit treason and fraud against us all so that one day we can see that last dream that MLK JR talked about. I am sorry for and I feel sorry for the people that were made to see you as a threat Dr. King. They were not allowed to see what it looked like from the top of the mountain.


This article is dedicated to MLK JR and his family, to the cooperation of Paul, Sanders, and Grayson, and to the memory of David and Mackie Hutzler

                                                                                                                                                      The Fed Audit



“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“ Thomas Carlyle

Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate

The 911 movie that is not propaganda. An interview with former Bellflower, California Mayor, Art Olivier

Art Olivier is a former mayor of Bellflower, California. He was the Libertarian candidate for Vice President in the United States presidential election in the year 2000 as the running mate of presidential candidate Harry Browne. Olivier ran uncontested for Governor in the 2006 California Libertarian primary. He received 114,329 votes in his race against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the general election. Olivier criticized Governor Schwarzenegger for passing a budget that was “30% larger than the one that got Governor Davis recalled just three years ago”. In 2012, Olivier wrote and produced the thriller film Operation Terror, which depicted an alternate version of the September 11 attacks in New York City, 2001. The movie’s plot centered on a group of American government insiders that organized and assembled a group of people to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In writing Operation Terror, Olivier used dialogue taken from transcripts of the investigation by the 9/11 Commission and based the film’s characters on real-life players in the 9/11 attack.
Operation Terror puts together many of the recorded under reported events of the 9/11 attacks. The movie includes Able Danger, the arrest of Zacarias Moussaoui, BBC announcing the collapse of Building 7 before it happened, nano-thermite in the World Trade Center, the empty hole in Shanksville, the small hole in the Pentagon, Dick Cheney in the White House EOC, and the NASA facility in Cleveland. Even though there are fictional characters mixed in with the real perpetrators and victims, viewers will discover more truth in this feature film than they would by watching a decade of nightly news programs.

The film premiered on September 11, 2012, in Los Angeles, and received the Honorable Mention Award at the International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality and won the Genre Film: Thriller award at the International Movie Awards. The film’s director, Paul Cross, was also nominated for Best Director at the Fajr International Film Festival. The film was also an Official Selection in the Riverside International Film Festival 2012, the Monaco Charity Film Festival 2012, the New Horizon International Independent Filmmakers Festival 2012, and the Baghdad International Film Festival 2012.

At the Fajr International Film Festival, Director Paul Cross was competing against directors such as Kevin MacDonald, Dejan Zechevich, Marius Holst, Rachid Bouchareb and Cannes Film Festival winner, Roschdy Zem. Cross has recently written the published novel, A Counterfeit Priest, and he is the recipient of the prestigious title of Kentucky Colonel which was bestowed on him by the Governor of Kentucky, Steven L. Beshear. He also has a day named after him in his home town in Kentucky.

I spoke with Art Olivier yesterday and asked if we could have an interview. Here is what followed.

Marco Battaglia: Do you have any additional plans for distribution of your film?

Art Olivier: No, I had about 25 distributors interested in the film at the American Film Market but they all backed away. A couple of the distributors told me that they could make money on Operation Terror but the consequences of promoting such a controversial film could have devastating effects on their companies.

MB: Did you have any trouble finding a crew and actors to perform in your movie?

AO: No. There is no shortage of actors in LA. We interviewed about 1000 actors to get our 75 paid actors. Only the director and myself had a copy of the entire screenplay. I was afraid that if some of the studios knew what the movie was about that they may cancel on me at the last minute and I would still be on the hook to pay the cast and crew. When I ran for governor, half of my scheduled appearances were canceled at the last minute. The organizers of the events that were not canceled told me that they received a phone call from the Schwarzenegger campaign threatening or bribing them to cancel my appearance at their event.

MB: Have you learned anything post completion of your script that you would go back and change if given the chance?

AO: I’ve learned a lot more but what I have learned would be too complicated for a movie.

MB: Do you think that Donald Trump will continue to question the events of 911 now that he will become our next President?

AO: No, seeing how much media coverage he received during the primaries, it appears that he was the chosen candidate.

MB: Do you know if any 911 victims surviving family members have seen your film? If so have any of them given you any feedback?

AO: Bob McIlvaine bought a couple of DVD’s but I have not heard from him.

MB: What are some things that you learned while running as a VP candidate for the LP?

AO: That the strength of the LP is at the state and local level.

MB: Have you ever been to Iowa?

AO: I visited Iowa shortly after the 2000 election.

MB: Did you ever think that you would see a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (William Weld) nominated to be the VP candidate for the Libertarian Party?

AO: Unfortunately yes.

MB: Do you think that Weld is genuine in his turn to the LP?

AO: No. My guess is that he was put in the campaign to help control it. If Trump was not getting enough support, they could have promoted the Johnson/Weld ticket.

MB: Since you have remained in your community after serving as mayor and running for Governor and VP do you feel that those in your locale are more receptive to Libertarian ideas?

AO: Yes, the press used to try to scare voters away from me by labeling me as a Libertarian but since the residents liked lower taxes and better service, those attacks backfired and many people in the community now consider themselves libertarian.

MB: Do you have any projects in the works currently?

AO: I wrote the screenplay “Rachel Forever” about Rachel Corrie. I met with investors in Tehran and the producer got commitments of about $2 million for production but nothing has happened since for over a year. I have made some no budget, cutting edge videos on how the world really works that can be seen at youtube.com/OperationTerror

MB: How can one best acquire your film?

AO: operationterror.vhx.tv



I must add that Mr. Olivier’s film is an intriguing piece of cinematic history in that it depicts events that more closely fit the under reported facts of the events of 911 than the narrative that was provided by the United States Government and by many in major media outlets and elected political positions. I have seen many low budget films and this is easily one of the finest low budget films that I have ever seen. If you would like to distribute Mr. Olivier’s film I would be more than happy to put you in touch with him. As always if you have a suggestion for a story or an interview subject please reach out to me via a message to the Iowa Free Press social media or at marcobattaglia@protonmail.com

By the way…..Rachel Aliene Corrie was an American woman that passed away at age 23 at the Palestinian Najar hospital after suffering injuries sustained via a bulldozer. For additional information on Rachel Corrie you may refer to http://rachelcorriefoundation.org/

In the years since the events of 911 some of the more notable public figures that have gone on the public record as questioning the events of the day include Willie Nelson, Geraldo Rivera, Jesse Ventura, and Judge Andrew Napolitano. For more than 13 years, 28 pages documenting specific indications of foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers were hidden from the American people. Declassified on July 15, 2016, the 28 pages revealed a web of interconnections linking Saudi government officials, members of the Saudi royal family, suspected Saudi intelligence operatives and 9/11 hijackers. Information that was once redacted included that:

  • An unlisted phone number linked closely to Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan ,the ambassador to the United States, was found in the phone book of al Qaeda associate Abu Zubaydah in Pakistan.
  • Zubaydah also had a phone number for a bodyguard at the Saudi embassy in Washington who was under an FBI investigation prompted by his suspicious behavior in approaching U.S. intelligence community personnel.





“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife… Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment…”
Nikola Tesla

“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“

Thomas Carlyle


Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate


From Russia With Free Pizza

“Everybody knows that the dice are loaded”

Leonard Cohen

              In terms of current events I think that the RNC has influenced the last couple of elections in part via their treatment of people with the last name Paul. I suggest asking Kim Reynolds about this. I think that the DNC has influenced the last handful of elections in part via their treatment of people named Sanders and Kucinich. The Creature from Jekyll Island, otherwise known as The Federal Reserve, has been influencing elections since 1914. Ever since our latest attempt at a central banking system we have seen drastic inflation, perpetual wars of aggression, and a cycle of booms and busts. These things hurt every citizen of the country and every citizen of other countries that are impacted by our policies, in a myriad of ways, including via the creation of a number of additional application points for establishment exertion of influence on elections. I think that all of the people mentioned agree on a number of issues. The main difference between these names is that Sanders and Kucinich subscribe to Keynesian Economics whereas the Paul’s support the Austrian School economics. For this reason I tend to side with the latter two on economic issues but I certainly have more respect for all of these people than I do most active politicians.

If we are going to talk about a country possibly interfering in our election process, would it not be wise to discuss the sanctions that we have against said country? It is no secret that US sanctions have crushed equity Of Russian oil companies. Sanctions have long been the subject of controversy as scholars question their effects. Sanctions can arguably be more dangerous to a country’s well-being than other regime change tactics or even full-on military intervention. I believe that putting sanctions on an entire country, in an attempt to punish a few people that a few people in our country disagree with, is preposterous.

As for current Democrats and Republicans that somehow think that the CIA is credible in 2016, I suggest that you do some reading. I suggest that, at best, the organization has a history of unethical activity and undemocratic manipulation, and at worst the organization has a history of outright treason. In regards to this fake news stuff and suggestions of “Russian interference”, from the lens of a media major whom has studied things like, The Sedition Act, the Army–McCarthy hearings, The Cold War, and the Motion Picture Production Code, I suggest that it is not in our best interest to venture back down these avenues. Yellow journalism, while disheartening, is not a new problem. Do the names Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst ring any bells? The best way that I see to reduce the impact of yellow journalism is to stop participating in its dissemination and by extension its profitability.

“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“
Thomas Carlyle

Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate