Ted Cruz Is Running For President

The Hispanic and conservative Texas senator Ted Cruz announces his intention to run for the 2016 presidential race after he posted a Twitter message the last Sunday night. Monday morning in the Liberty University in Virginia, the firebrand Republican announces his plan with a speech. Also, he published a short campaign video on his Twitter […]

Hillary Clinton Leads The Early 2016 Polls

A poll made by CNN and released the Wednesday shows that Hillary Clinton is still leading the 2016 polling matchups. Jennifer Agiesta, CNN’s polling director writes, “Her prospects in 2016 appear largely unchanged compared to polls conducted before news broke about her use of a personal email address and home-based server while serving as secretary […]

Iowa City Invited to Join Leadership STAR Community Program

Iowa City along with other seven cities has been invited to join Spring 2015 Leadership STAR Community Program. It is the fifth city in Iowa to join the program. STAR Communities that manages the STAR community rating system is a Washington DC based nonprofit organization. The organization works for evaluation, improvement and certification of sustainable […]

Bill Allowing Online Voter Registration Passes Iowa Senate

A bill allowing online voter registration has passed the Iowa Senate today in a 26-20 vote with 4 members abstaining.  As of December 2014, 20 states allowed online voter registration. According to a Pew Trusts Case Study, a cost reduction was noticed in Arizona which had a reduction in registration costs from 83 cents per paper […]

Trump Announces Exploratory Campaign For President

The millionaire businessman Donald Trump insists about running a presidential campaign after doing the remark that he’s the only one who can fix the problems of the US. The republican capitalist said he’s forming an exploratory committee to form the actions to make for a presidential campaign. Trump is focused on the US’s economic problems, explaining […]

Vladimir Putin Using Fleet Of Ships To “Spy” British Military

A senior army commander has revealed that Russia has been using a fleet of spy ships to listen the British military communications. A UK defense minister and Lord West of Spithead, a former top naval officer who served as First Sea Lord, said that Vladimir Putin had deployed a fleet of Russian ships, turning this […]