Primary Challenger Announces Against Grassley

On Friday, January 22, 2016, Robert Rees will kickoff a campaign for U.S. Senate as a primary challenger to Senator Chuck Grassley. Rees announced a campaign on YouTube and his Twitter account yesterday.   On his website, Rees provides his reasons for running and why he is challenging Senator Grassley: Senator Grassley has been in […]

Wild Rumors Around Trump’s Announcement Tuesday

Update: January 19, 2016-11:40 A.M. CST The New Rumor Is That Sarah Palin Will Endorse Trump Speculation Includes An Endorsement By Iowa Governor Terry Branstad And Possible Announcement Of Branstad Being Named Trump’s VP Candidate. Donald Trump has posted on Facebook that there will be a major announcement in Ames tomorrow. Join me on Tuesday, January […]

$750,000 in CAT Grants Awarded to Seven Projects

At a meeting last Wednesday, the Vision Iowa Board approved $778,601 in Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) grants to the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset, Dragoon Trace Nature Center in Ringgold County, the Garner Public Library, an aquatic center in Lake City, a splash pad in Bristow and sports complexes in Dike and Carroll. The […]

Opinion: Cruz Vs Branstad-Offending The Corn God

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and his son Eric have decided to go after Senator Ted Cruz, the front runner for the Iowa Republican Caucus, because he doesn’t support extending the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) ethanol subsidy, which is their favorite government welfare program, past 2022.  For years, not supporting ethanol has been described as a […]

Opinion: What Caused Ben Carson’s Campaign To Implode?

There are a number of things that made Ben Carson’s campaign for President of the United States to implode. The national commentators are always going to point to his lack of foreign policy experience, but the truth is that Carson did not capitalize on his national profile. The man certainly can give a great speech, […]

Folk Singer Will Channel Labor Martyr Joe Hill in Cedar Rapids

Grammy-nominated folk singer John McCutcheon will perform in the one-man musical “Joe Hill’s Last Will” at the CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids on November 21. The stage show celebrates the legacy of Swedish-born songwriter and union activist Joe Hill, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.  Historian Philip S. Foner referred to him […]

Benefit for Jimi Strychnine: Lefty’s Hosts Fundraiser for Friend in Need

Lefty’s Live Music is hosting a fundraiser for Jimi “Strychnine” Scribner in Des Moines on November 21. Scribner served as the head chef at the House of Bricks performance venue in Des Moines and has worked there as a sound technician. Throughout the years he befriended many walks of life and has since become “a […]

The Fourth Estate and the American political debates of 2015

As I sit here we are closing in on seventy days until the Iowa Caucus. In Iowa the Green and Libertarian Parties are not quite yet official political parties. Therefore they are currently Non-Party Political Organizations in this state. Therefore Libertarians decide if they want to swallow their pride and switch parties for a day […]

Education Company Agrees To Forgive Student Loans of Iowans

The Iowa Attorney General’s office has announced that the Education Management Corporation (EDMC), a Pennsylvania for-profit education company, has agreed to forgive approximately half a million dollars in loans for more than 600 former Iowa students and over 102.8 million dollars nationwide that was held by over 80,000 former students. According to the Iowa Attorney […]