Center for Inquiry Weighs in on 2016 Election

Michael De Dora is the Director of Public Policy for the Center for Inquiry, a non-profit secular organization that “does not promote any political party or political ideology.” He graduated with a master’s degree in political theory from Brooklyn College, as well as a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and communication from the University at Albany. […]

Iowa Youth Presidential Straw Poll To Be Held On January 26

The Iowa Secretary of State’s office has announced that it is organizing a statewide Youth Straw Poll, scheduled to take place in schools across Iowa, on Tuesday, January 26. The goal of the Straw Poll is to engage students in a hands-on learning experience that will inspire them to participate in civics in their community. Approximately […]

Interview With Democratic Presidential Candidate Lloyd Kelso

A Democrat with a tax plan. A candid interview with Democratic Presidential candidate Lloyd Kelso. Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 Marco Battaglia: You were born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina? How do you feel that your life experiences in the region helped shape your views? Lloyd Kelso: Gastonia was known for its […]

Presidential Candidate Lloyd Kelso To Speak In South Des Moines

Presidential candidate Lloyd Kelso will deliver a campaign speech at the South Des Moines Public Library on August 12 at 6pm. Kelso, a lawyer from North Carolina, is running for president as a Democrat in the Iowa Caucuses against contenders Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee. His campaign slogan is, […]

Drake To Host Democratic Debate

Today, the Democratic National Committee announced details for the six presidential primary debates including a November 14 debate sponsored by CBS, KCCI Channel 8, and the Des Moines Register at Drake University. “We are thrilled to announce the schedule and locations for our Democratic primary debates,” said DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  “These six […]

Jim Webb Deserves The Support Of Democratic Voters

Jim Webb is focused on executive leadership and getting proven results. Candidates that simply use applause lines to get votes will not be able to get results when they find themselves in a jam with Congress. Webb deserves your consideration in the Democratic nominating process because he delivered on the Post 9-11 G.I. Bill, which […]

Rand Paul opens Iowa Campaign Headquarters

The official opening of Senator Paul’s campaign headquarters drew an excited crowd of about one hundred fans, spectators and a few skeptics to his South Des Moines office. The crowd was a slice of Iowa activism, college libertarians, tea partiers and experienced GOP party activists. The field of supporters skewing noticeably younger than many of […]

Ben Carson Getting Heat From Hawks On Foreign Policy?

The question of whether Dr. Ben Carson needs a large amount of foreign policy experience has certainly come to the forefront. Ben Carson should have a lot of information and background about different allies like Germany. Hugh Hewitt has been extremely critical of different candidates that truly may not have a proper amount of foreign […]

Martin O’Malley Struggles To Find Room To Sanders’ Left

With the recent riots that occurred in Baltimore, you have to wonder where Martin O’Malley’s potential bid for the White House goes from here.  What does Martin O’Malley’s bid truly offer progressives? O’Malley may want to draw some sharp contrasts with Hillary Clinton on the issue of climate change. A number of people will point […]

Will Huckabee Be Able To Push Santorum Out?

Mike Huckabee appears to be channeling his best Harry Truman impersonation early on in his 2016 Presidential bid. You have to wonder whether this economic populism will really get him past the state of New Hampshire.   Defending the Social Security program, being somewhat skeptical of any major changes to the program. Huckabee seems to […]