How Is The Best Way To Handle A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

Is not a secret that “friends with benefits” (FWBs) relationships can sometimes become a difficult situation to handle, frequently because in one point someone starts to want more in the relationship than the other person. This is why many people are scared of developing unreciprocated feelings when they are about to initiate a FWBs relationship. […]

People In Solid Relationships Tend To Live More

For a long time now, a lot of studies have shown us that strong relationships are healthy for people. Countless researchers have discovered that strong relationships are linked to a healthier and longer life. As a matter of fact, solid relationships can be a great indicator of mortality than any other kind of healthy behavior. […]

The Reason Behind The Attractiveness Of Narcissists

For years, one of the biggest social wonders has been why many women are attracted to narcissists. At first sight, it might be to their intense self-confidence, an attribute that can sometimes be magnetically alluring. But it is clear that when women date for some time this kind of guy they start to realize that […]

The Top Most Affordable Cities In The United States

One of the most challenges in the US is to find affordable cities to live in or to have a nice trip; recently Forbes investigate and analyzed information from America’s 100 Largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Divisions that has at least 600.000 citizens. Forbes used the information of the National Association of Home Builder and […]