Folk Singer Will Channel Labor Martyr Joe Hill in Cedar Rapids

Grammy-nominated folk singer John McCutcheon will perform in the one-man musical “Joe Hill’s Last Will” at the CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids on November 21. The stage show celebrates the legacy of Swedish-born songwriter and union activist Joe Hill, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.  Historian Philip S. Foner referred to him […]

How To Have A Successful Office Romance

Thousands of companies have always wondered where they stand about romances in the office. In fact, there’s not an exact way to calculate what could happen when a romance in the workplace doesn’t blossom. For instance, if a supervisor gets involved with a subordinate employee, there’s no way to predict how things are going to […]

5 Shocking Reasons A Relationship Might Fail

There are millions of reasons behind the failure of a relationship. And thousands of people have written about all of them. It can be trust issues, incompatibility or bad communication. Surprisingly, there are some challenges that can lead to relational dissolution that can be seen as something good at first sight. Here are the five […]

4 Things That You Should Have In Mind If You Are Dating Someone With A Painful Past

Most people (for not saying all of them) have been hurt during a romantic relationship, and I know, we’ve all shared the same pain. The thing is, that there are those who have been more affected than us. In fact, we all have felt what it is to be scorched by the flames of passion, […]

7 Things That Make A Fight With Your Partner Worse, And How To Deal With Them Correctly

Fighting with your couple is not only the worst but also part of any relationship. Sometimes can be unsettling and uncomfortable, and more important, no one likes to fight with their partner. And though you might not like to do it, sometimes we end in a fight and start making arguments worse without even knowing it. […]