Branstad Denies Commutation For Five

Yesterday, Governor Branstad denied the following five applications for commutation: Edgar M. Cardona, age 40 Crime Date: November 11, 2003 Location of Crime: Pottawattamie County Sentence: Currently serving a twenty-five year sentence for first-degree robbery Troy A. Midthus, age 48 Crime Date: November 1, 2003 Location of Crime: Black Hawk County Sentence: Currently serving a […]

Michael Van Berkum Announced New Chief of the Iowa State Patrol

On, Thursday, the Iowa Department of Public Safety named Michael Van Berkum as the new Chief of the Iowa State Patrol. He will replace David Garrison who has been reassigned as a Lieutenant. Commissioner Ryan announced the new Chief of the Iowa State Patrol. “Like those who have served before him, Colonel Van Berkum brings […]

Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case Today

Today, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.  The Supreme Court will decide if the Fourteenth Amendment requires a state to issue a marriage license between two people of the same sex and if the Fourteenth Amendment requires a state to recognize out of state same-sex marriages. Last December, a federal […]

Nothing Suspicious Found After ISU Bomb Threat

This morning, at around 12:30 a.m., the Iowa State University Police Department received an 11-minute telephone call, from an unidentified person who indicated that there was a bomb in the Durham Center at Iowa State University in Ames. After the call, officers conducted a thorough search of the Durham Center and located nothing suspicious. At the […]

College Admissions Company To Pay $25,000 After Complaint

College Admission Assistance LLC, a Delaware college admissions assistance company with a headquarters in Arlington, Texas has agreed to change how it markets its services to Iowans after a complaint that they misled an Iowa couple. The complaint was filed by a Des Moines-area accountant on behalf of two clients, a couple born in Haiti […]

College Admission Assistance Company Agrees to Change Aggressive Marketing Approach, Refund and Pay

College Admissions Assistance LLC, has agreed to modify its approach to marketing following a compliant of misleading an Iowa couple. According to Iowa Attorney General Office, the company will refund for unused portions of the services, and pay $25,000 for future enforcement. However, the quality of the services of the company was not questioned but […]

Iowa Teen Arrested And Charged In Missouri Valley Fires

The Iowa Department of Public Safety has announced that last Thursday, April 16, 2015, 19 year old Coty William Cates of Missouri Valley was arrested and charged with three counts of second degree arson. Cates is currently being held in Harrison County. According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, the charges come from three […]

King Introduces Bill to “Restrain Judges on Marriage”

District 4 Congressman Steve King (R) has introduced a controversial bill that would restrain judges on issue of marriage.  The goal of the bill is to prevent federal courts from hearing marriage cases and leaving the issues up to each individual states. “For too long, federal courts have overstepped their constitutionally limited duty to interpret […]

Bill To Expunge Public Court Records Of Those Acquitted Passes

A bill that would expunge the public court records of those acquitted or had charges against them dismissed has unanimously passed in the state legislature and has been sent to the Governor. According to State Senator Jeff Danielson, if Governor Branstad signs the bill, there will be a 180-day waiting period before records can be […]

FBI Admits 90% of Hair Analysis Contained Errors

9 Defendants Have Been Executed And 5 Died While On Death Row. 74 Prisoners Have Been Exonerated Based On Erroneous Analysis.  The Federal Bureau of Investigations have released information that indicates the testimony in at least 90% of trial transcripts analyzed by the FBI for microscopic hair comparison analysis contained “erroneous statements.”   According to the FBI, […]