Carroll Police Breaking Laws To Seize Legal Hemp CBD

Carroll Police Breaking Laws To Seize Legal Hemp CBD  Carrie Bluml has been slandered. Paperwork filed Friday, April 13th in court says she is in the right, and that the town of Carroll has some accounting to do. People in Carroll have been saying Carrie’s shop, Nature Ammil, located at 820 West 8th Street, has been […]

Autumn Steele Remembered in Burlington

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of 34-year-old Autumn Steele, demonstrators gathered outside the Burlington Police Department on January 6. The “Justice for Autumn Steele-One Year Later” rally has been promoted by organizers as “A Walk through Burlington to Remember Autumn on the Day Burlington Iowa Cop Jess Hill Took Her Life.” […]

Autumn Steele Documentary Slated for 2016 Release

A new documentary about the unarmed police shooting of Autumn Steele will be released in 2016. Currently titled Project Autumn, filmmakers have advertised the film as a documentary that will explore “the story of Autumn Steele who was shot and killed on Jan. 6 2015.” On the morning of January 6, 34-year-old Autumn Steele was […]

The Unarmed Shooting of Autumn Steele: One Year Later

The community of Burlington, Iowa will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the accidental shooting of 34-year Autumn Steele by police officer Jesse Hill on January 6, 2015. Steele’s family, friends and supporters will gather at the Burlington Police Department, located at 424 N. 3rd St. 52601 in Burlington, at 1 pm in their call for […]

ISU Investigating Vandalism of George Washington Carver Statue

Last Friday, the Iowa State University Police received a report that the George Washington Carver statue outside Carver Hall had been vandalized with what appeared to be shaving cream. According to the University, the vandalism is believed to have occurred on Friday between 1 P.M. and 4 P.M. In a statement, Iowa State University President, […]

Man Arrested In Wisconsin, Charged with Elkader Attempted Murder

The Elkader, Iowa police department have announced that 25 year-old Brandon James Thoma was arrested in Madison, Wisconsin on a charge for an attempt to commit murder, a Class B felony, that occurred from a November 10th incident at an Elkader home. The Elkader police allege that Thoma drove a car from Pella to Elkader […]

Iowa Civil Forfeiture Laws Among Worst in the US

Iowa has some of the “worst civil forfeiture laws in the country,” according to a new study released by the Institute for Justice on November 10. IJ released an updated version of their “Policing for Profit” report, a state-by-state examination of civil forfeiture laws across the United States. The study, which is subtitled “The Abuse […]

Iowa fails in judicial accountability, according to study

Iowa received a “D+” grade in a 2015 nationwide assessment of “state government transparency and accountability” conducted by the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity. Both non-profit organizations collaborated on the “State Integrity Investigation,” a study based on “research by reporters in each state to grade and rank the states based on existing laws […]

Ex-Subway Spokesperson Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

37-year-old Jared Fogle, formerly known to the public as the “Subway Guy,” pleaded guilty to charges of possessing child pornography and travelling to pay for sex with minors. Fogle accepted a plea deal with the Department of Justice after an FBI raid and investigation found evidence that he was connected to illicit activities with minors. […]