The Iowa Senate just passed a hemp farming bill for Iowa farmers unanimously. While it’s doubtful the Iowa House will take the bill up without popular support and pressure from the public, the educational opportunities for how low THC hemp products can provide pain relief for Iowa’s farmers abound…while also increasing their profit margins and restoring their soil nutrients.

In order to understand how important hemp is to Iowa you have to understand that hemp was one of Iowa’s top crops during World War II.

The US government used to require Iowa farmers to grow hemp, and if they refused they had to pay a fine. Under Linda Upmeyer’s tutelage our history in Iowa has fallen by the wayside regarding hemp, and as future articles will outline.

For now, representatives like Upmeyer avoid rational science based drug policy to avoid embarrassment over passed decisions. Please write Linda Upmeyer as well as your Iowa House representatives and encourage them to allow the hemp bill from the Senate to be brought to the House floor for debate. While you’re at it, tell them to research what hemp is. It would have been nice if the House had worked on this and sent it over to the Senate, but the two wings don’t always work well together. Linda Upmeyer’s fear is a big part of the House’s resistance to rational, compassionate, science based programs, and this fear has lead them to make a program so terrible, nobody wants to partake in it.

While hemp CBD may be illegal at the federal level – a lawsuit challenging this assertion is due for a ruling here soon against the DEA — hemp products are still legal at the state level. So while you can still buy legal hemp products at roughly 10,000 stores throughout Iowa, Iowa farmers cannot reap the tremendous profit windfalls that come from growing it until Upmeyer’s scandal riddled legislature decides that they will grant extremely limited permission from on “high” to Iowans to be healthier and more productive agriculturally while the rest of the nation skips ahead and lets farmers discuss this openly to resolve some current agricultural issues throughout the industry.

Tremendous thank you to each and every Iowa Senator who voted to approve agricultural hemp. I’ve been told recently that my dismay at the inability of the community to come together and address the lack of education, caring, and Christ-like concern around marijuana and other racially charged drug war issues is unfounded, and to have faith that Iowans will truly care here very shortly. My ten years as a marijuana activist says otherwise. When it comes to marijuana, Iowans seem to enjoy victimizing and terrorizing those who wish to medicate in peace, while hiding any embarrassments that are virtually universal and should be seen as health issues instead of being sanctioned criminally.


You can find your legislator’s email to email them to support hemp here:

Please also follow Iowa NORML and the Iowa Hemp Association on Facebook as they are taking the lead in lobbying for and promoting hemp education around the state.

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