Carroll Police Breaking Laws To Seize Legal Hemp CBD 

Carrie Bluml has been slandered. Paperwork filed Friday, April 13th in court says she is in the right, and that the town of Carroll has some accounting to do.

People in Carroll have been saying Carrie’s shop, Nature Ammil, located at 820 West 8th Street, has been growing marijuana. Located right next to McDonald’s, Nature Ammil has been accused of having cannabis oil as a dispensary in violation of new laws (the store wasn’t). While at a firefighter fundraiser, Carrie was approached by multiple saying they heard she was selling marijuana out of her store.

Meanwhile, an 86 year old man with Parkinson’s has been going to the County Attorney’s office asking when he can use hemp CBD, without THC, so he can function.


This whole thing stems from Carroll Police and their unwillingness to cite any valid law for their warrantless seizure of non-THC hemp products since December 27th of 2017.



Denison police have confirmed that hemp CBD is fully legal. Ames Police have confirmed that hemp CBD is legal. While hemp CBD is legal, CBD sold through Iowa licensed medical marijuana dispensaries is not. That CBD, which unlike hemp derived CBD does contain THC, will be available for Iowans with a multitude of medical conditions from chronic back pain on the farm to clients with more severe medical patients, such as the 86 year old Carroll man who keeps asking for relief in a town that seems to have no compassion.


Carroll Police refuse to speak to reporters citing an ongoing investigation that is now nearly four months old. Carroll Police Sergeant Officer JJ Schreck told stated by phone that, in spite of the separate laws concerning hemp CBD, that “CBD is CBD is CBD” and that as experts on laws they cannot cite or explain, they do not submit to any authority other than themselves. That’s plain wrong.

Without adequate police oversight, communities suffer. While Carroll Police have gone undercover against local newspapers to attack freedom of speech, failing to follow proper police procedure seems to be a regular problem at the PD. While other police departments executed search warrants and followed due process requirements in other towns throughout Iowa before confirming the products sold at Nature Ammil are legal as long as there’s no THC, no warrant was served on Nature Ammil when Nature Ammil’s products were taken.

To compound the situation, the supposed drug tests cited on the December 27th police report don’t seem to have ever happened. Worse yet, the products were not properly catalogued. It appears the police are telling newspapers different stories that don’t add up.

Other town citizens have advised Nature Ammil to just let the cops abuse them. Reports of citizens saying that Carroll PD has been like this for years, and “this is just the way it is” have been frequent.

That’s why I’m writing this editorial.

As Executive Director of Iowa’s largest medical marijuana lobbying group it is my job to make sure that good hearted, value driven Iowans are defended from bullies. When 86-year old men with Parkinson’s are asking for help, someone needs to listen and respond accordingly.

CBD is a miracle. Children with epilepsy have had their lives saved when everything else failed. Older people with arthritis have found relief from the products that will likely continue to be sold at Nature Ammil post investigation with no side effects and no “high.” Opiates, which cause drowsiness and make people uncomfortable, have been replaced with CBD in many states. Iowa will be one of them in December.

But before state authorized CBD is available – for details, see Iowa Code Chapter 124 as well as House File 524 from the 2017 legislative calendar – unauthorized, non-medical CBD is available throughout the state. This legal product has always been legal. Carroll Police mistakenly thought that the new CBD law outlawed the legal hemp products. That is simply not the case.

In order for a community to be protected and well served it’s citizens must demand accountability. Before any more rumors about illegal marijuana activity are permitted to percolate, please be aware that hemp CBD is not the same plant source as marijuana CBD, and that there are two different statutes governing the substances. For further questions feel free to email me at I have recently gotten word that COMPLETELY LEGAL FEDERALLY, STATE, AND LOCALLY, CBD OIL was seized from a number of businesses in Des Moines in the last few months as well. Please let me know if this can be confirmed.

Jason Karimi

Executive Director

Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana

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  1. Do yourself a favor and hire a copy editor. Literally dozens of style, tense, grammatical and punctuation errors in this article.

    1. This was a contribution from someone that is unpaid by the IFP. It was published as is.

        1. I’m also unpaid. LoL. But the most important item here is that the cbd oil confiscated would have been legal to sell anywhere in the USA.

          1. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from dozens of people and had dozens of shares on Facebook, you’re one out of over 1,000 views that says this is sloppy writing. Good luck using that to ignore having a substantive discussion about the merits behind the current lawsuit against the PD. You can read future articles on this story if you’d like at as well. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll use it to better future articles.

  2. First of all, you don’t “have” cannabis oil as a dispensary. Your business can be a dispensary for cannabis oil.
    Hemp CBD is not fully legal in Iowa. The executive director of Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana should know that. Hemp CBD is only legal for sale in regulated stores.

    Approached by multiple what?

    Police don’t need a warrant to seize anything illegal.

    86-year-old as a compound adjective should be hyphenated.

    Stating that Carroll is “a town that seems to have no compassion” is pure editorializing in an article you’re trying to disguise as a news story.

    “Told stated by ohone” ?? Makes no sense.

    Carroll police have not gone undercover against local newspapers to attack freedom of speech. That’s a reckless and dangerous statement. And Carroll has only one newspaper.

    “Failing to follow proper police procedure” is another reckless statement. Where’s your proof?

    Where’s your proof that the drug tests never happened and that the products weren’t properly catalogued? Back up your allegations.

    You make several references to a history of abuses by the Carroll PD and of the local police being bullies. Those are also reckless and unsubstantiated statements.

    This editorial is also rife with unsubstantiated rumors. Get trusted sources on record.

    No apostrophe on “it’s” when you’re using the possessive “its.” That’s middle-school grammar.

    There are many punctuation, tense and style errors is your editorial that would take me an hour to explain.

    1. Depending on the thc content CBD oil is legal locally, at the state level, and at the federal level. The items confiscated met the threshold to be legal anywhere in the USA.

    2. I typed this draft, the final edition was supposed to be the one sent
      in, well done avoiding the argument and showing yourself to not be
      interested in what’s going on. I’ll make sure to give you sources in
      follow up articles as this story progresses in court during the lawsuit
      against the carroll police department, maybe that will shed some light
      on what is fully going on. When you say Hemp CBD is not fully legal in
      Iowa, what law are you referencing? Police keep saying Iowa Code 124,
      but that doesn’t cover Hemp CBD. Nobody has given us, in four long
      months, a single statement about what law says hemp is illegal. And why
      would Denison PD give us five thousand dollars worth of hemp CBD
      products back? You’re clearly incorrect as to the legal status of hemp


      CBD products returned from Denison,
      Iowa Police Tested Legal (No THC) — CBD sales in Iowa may continue for
      legal hemp based CBD products (not marijuana). Also Breaking: CBD
      Products Returned in Tennessee, Other States [UPDATES]

      you think this lawsuit against the PD for their actions has any
      possible merit? What do you know about this story, because you clearly
      don’t know that hemp CBD is legal.

      I also find this indicative of a lack of discipline and, potentially, training, in Carroll PD also:

    3. Also, the police in Carroll INFILTRATED THE NEWSPAPER. The source is News Channel 8, saying ‘A small town newspaper alleges she (Officer Sandy March) had been part of a September operation targeting them. The Daily Herald Times Newspaper says the police conducted a sting operation on them.”

      This story is also moving into the courts.

      Any other complaints about these apparently corrupt cops?

      1. More sourcing: here’s the Daily Times Herald article claiming they had been targeted by Sandy March:

        Longtime police officer is fired

        Sandy March was part of an undercover operation that targeted the Daily Times Herald

        Daily Times Herald staff

        Sandy March

        February 16, 2018

        A patrol officer who had worked for the
        Carroll Police Department for more than 18 years was fired last month
        for reasons that have not yet been publicly disclosed.

        Sandy March was fired Jan. 16, Carroll
        City Manager Mike Pogge-Weaver confirmed. She appealed her
        termination to the city’s Civil Service Commission, which is set to
        hold a hearing on the matter on Tuesday.

        If the commission affirms her
        termination, March can appeal to district court. She could not be
        reached to comment for this article.

        Iowa law requires the city to list the
        reasons for March’s termination, but city leaders have not yet
        provided them to the Daily Times Herald.

        March was part of an undercover police
        operation in September that targeted the Times Herald. She contacted
        reporter Jared Strong, claiming she had been fired and had damaging
        information to share about the police department — specifically
        that officers had covered up a crime committed by a prominent
        businessman in town.

        In truth, March had not been fired at
        that time, and her meeting with Strong was a ruse to determine the
        identity of an informant inside the department that Police Chief Brad
        Burke suspected was feeding Strong information.

        Strong did not have an informant in the

        Burke revealed the ploy in an email
        several days later: “Officer Sandy March has not been terminated
        and never was. She was never asked to resign. She met with you over
        the weekend at my request.”

        Burke has also
        surreptitiously recorded conversations with Times Herald staff.

        1. I never said the PD didn’t go undercover with the newspaper. I DID say they did NOT do it in an attempt to attack free speech, as you allege.

          1. That wasn’t an attack? Sending in an officer, claiming to have information about the PD being corrupt…what I find far more interesting is why would the PD think corruption within the PD is something that is concerning the PD enough to do an undercover sting on a local newspaper about it…what’s with all the town talk about police corruption? Is that going to be an issue here? Why didn’t they have warrants to take the CBD product? Why won’t they return the products? And why won’t they produce evidence to back up their claims?

    4. I’d bet money you work for, or are the spouse of an employee of the Caroll PD. “Brian Smith”? If you have to make your comments anonymously they don’t warrant any attention from anyone. Your account was created for the sole purpose of commenting on this one editorial. I hope you realize how guilty and desperate it makes your position when you do things like this. Anyone with half a brain saw right through it. Good luck with your impending court battles, hope your insurance doesn’t drop the city or department over it. It’s hard to staff a small town police department after something like that happens, but you wouldn’t have anyone to blame but yourselves then would you? Don’t bother responding anonymously again, I won’t bother reading it if you do.

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