Democrats Should Not Abandon Their Populist Roots

Trump supporters love their country. They care about whether people are getting a reasonable wage from their employer. Trump supporters are skeptical about corporate America. Fear is struck in the heart of rural America because of the corporate policies and advocacy of the World Trade Organization.

The people of West Virginia, Kentucky do not hate people of different races. They believe in the words of Jesus Christ and simply would give anyone their last dime if they know someone that happened to be their neighbor needed it.

I will always have more love in my heart for Trump supporters than I will Jeff Flake, Jeb Bush or Ben Sasse because I understand that the Trump supporters are misunderstood. The Flakes, Bushes of the world are certainly more polished and diplomatic. There is no doubt that their style is more “acceptable” on a world stage. It is difficult to be civil with people like Sasse who do not fear the loss of their own income due to an industrial revolution. I would ask Ben Sasse to go to the most rural parts of Nebraska and ask himself again whether humanity has truly dealt with the concept of an industrial
revolution in a humane fashion.

Patriotism has been confused with statism, and economic nationalism has been tied to racism or tribalism. Capitalism is a beautiful thing, but you have to realize that capitalism can and does put communities at war with each other. That competition is a great thing, but to call someone a statist due to the fact that they seek economic development for their community is not statist, it is nowhere close to the concept of statist thought.

Political consultants like Rick Wilson can call people statists until he’s blue in the face because it is always safe to presume that Rick will have the skill set to survive in this economy.

There is no doubt that the free market strategy pushed by Flake, Sasse, and Bush looks better on a chart and makes a lot of practical sense. Their approach to economics simply takes profits into account and does not factor in people.

Let me be straight with the immigrants that are coming to this country and seeking new opportunities. Ben Sasse and others may make it easier for you to get into the country originally, but they DO NOT care about you. They care about companies making money on the global stage. They care about shareholders, and truly a concentration of opportunity the likes of which we have never seen before.

Why in the world do you think some of these groups on the left and the right are so against a merit-based immigration system? Sure. Many of them are very concerned about human rights violations, genocide, etc. The truth is though that there are others who just do not care about the living situation for immigrants here in the United States. Some people will make it harder for immigrants to work in the energy sector.

So the reason that I am writing this is to offer an olive branch to Trump supporters. To urge them to stay away from the party of corporate profits, and to come back to the party of the people. We have plenty of disagreement within the Democratic Party, but the number one principle that we have is that people matter. Life is much more than an academic exercise with stats and data, despite what Ben Sasse says.

This open letter isn’t meant to be an anti-corporate rant either, the fact of the matter is though if we want this country to be great, great again, whatever you want to say we need serious commerce from sea to shining sea and everything in between.

Democrats owe Trump supporters an apology as we offer this olive branch. Appalachia is not a shithole. Middle America is not flyover country. We are talking about strong people with time-tested values, the most important value of all-being compassion.

I understand your frustration over the energy sector, and how the Democratic Party has abandoned you on this issue. I know that we as Democrats have NEVER done enough and in some people’s valid opinions anything to help replenish commerce in part of the country that has been damaged by idealistic energy policies. I supported Jim Webb for President of the United States in 2016 because I was looking for a candidate that struck the right balance between all forms of energy production. Period.

We have already seen people abandon solid people like Nick Rahall, Lucas and the Blue Dog Democrats to become Trump supporters. The truth of the matter is that the spirit to make America more economically vital again is something that Blue Dogs and President Trump have in common. I would plead with the people of West Virginia that supported Donald Trump not to abandon Joe Manchin. Evan Jenkins himself was a Democrat not very long ago.

This not an anti-profit, anti-company manifesto either, this is about patriotism and whether or not we want our country to thrive. People in the media are ready to chalk this all up to racism and want to go it alone in the world. Populism should always be a part of the Democratic Party. Questioning BAD trade agreements should always be a part of the Democratic Party. Yes, violating the human rights of workers may give some employers more freedom in life, but when did this become a principle that only this new brand of populist Republican can focus on?, It isn’t. This matter has nothing to do with race or gender.

Unethical business people like to attack blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. and women as well. Trump supporters understand this, and so do many, many members of the Democratic Party.

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