What I Mean When I Say Give Economic Freedom A Chance- by Gubernatorial Candidate Marco Battaglia

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Economic Freedom

This campaign issue was inspired by my time learning from and working with Dr. Ron Paul and his son, Dr. Rand Paul.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

— John Adams

The People and any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of Iowa shall have the most economic freedom that government can allow.

I believe that in order for the largest number of Iowans to be able to prosper and pursue their vision of happiness that we need to keep a balanced budget and to reduce the debts that we are passing on to our children and to future Iowans. The Governor and her protege before her, have left us with state tax receipts that are running about $100 million short of expectations through May 31. This is unacceptable. Short term and haphazard cuts are detrimental to Iowans and are no answers to our problems. Governor Kim Reynolds plans to use money from the state’s “Economic Emergency Fund” to ensure the state budget is balanced when the books are officially closed on the current state fiscal year. Governor Reynolds said “everything has to be on the table”, when she and the Republican-led Legislature work next session to come up with revisions. Now, historically what this means from a Democrat or a Republican is more taxing, followed by more spending. I would work to ensure that what this means is simplified taxation and cuts to waste and corporate welfare as opposed to cuts to education or safety net programs that Iowans currently depend on. The key to moving Iowans out of a reliance on the safety net is not to leave them out in the cold, but to put Iowa on the forefront on a move to sound money and on the front-lines in the battle to end financial tyranny.


In order to enjoy economic freedom Iowans must be secure from tyranny. The Fourth Amendment is clear; it says we should be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects, and that all warrants must have probable cause and describe in particular the places, the people, and the items that are going to be looked at. Giving the accused their day in court isn’t a suggestion. It’s enshrined in our Constitution as a cornerstone of our judicial system. Civil asset forfeiture, which should be called civil asset theft, is the practice of seizing property believed to be involved in a crime. The government keeps the property even if it never convicts, or even charges, the owner of the property. Police can even use civil asset theft to steal from people whose property was used in criminal activity without the owners’ knowledge. Some have even lost their homes because a renter or house-guest was dealing drugs on the premises behind the owners’ backs. I propose that we end the practice of civil asset forfeiture. I propose that we move to protect Iowans from mass spying and indefinite detention. If the federal government does not start putting it’s citizenry first, Iowa, we need to take action. I move that no asset forfeiture, spying, or detention of any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of Iowa shall be allowed without due process. I believe that we need to make it easier for those that do their time upon being convicted of a crime to have all of their rights restored immediately upon doing so.


I want to put Iowa on the front-line in the battle for economic freedom. I would settle for us simply giving economic freedom a chance. The Arizona House has removed a gold and silver inflationary tax. Meanwhile Utah and Oklahoma have declared gold and silver legal tender in their state, free from any taxation. Iowa needs to take steps toward sound currency and if the fiscal policy out of D.C. continues to be reckless civil, world, and race war fear mongering in the build up to our leaders debts being kicked on down the road for another year when they become due every September, we need to opt out. The sooner the better. I think that we are smarter than this and that we are tired of such insults to our intelligence. The state movement to designate gold and silver coin as legal tender is a low-risk, high-reward initiative to give citizens a prudent choice in currency. While the federal government has only offered more of the same (money printing), the states are in a position to create a different path and point America back to its sound money foundation. It is a state solution to a national crisis that can no longer be postponed. Iowans deserve a choice in currency. A choice in currency really means a choice – no one is compelled to accept or tender gold and silver coins, just as they cannot be compelled to use paper notes (consider the retailers who refuse to accept certain denominations of cash altogether). Iowa, we need to recognize crypto-currency as a valid alternative to paper money. Regulators are going to grapple with how to regulate and tax crypto-currency over the next few years and by beating them to the punch we can insure a fair and just way to recognize them without encroaching on our citizens civil liberties. I want to ensure that a citizen of Iowa will be able to deposit commodities, gold or silver – and pay other people through electronic means or checks – in sound money. We need to treat gold and silver specie as money. We can start by repealing state sales taxes on precious metals.


Iowa, we can help end financial tyranny. We can keep our place as one of the most stable states in the union if we return to balancing our books and keep the debt we pass on to future Iowans in check. I ask you to join me in working to protect our citizens from civil asset forfeiture, mass spying, and indefinite detention. We can make it easier for Iowans that have served their time to make their way back up the economic ladder as valued members of our community. We can allow for and recognize competing forms of currency while ensuring Iowans of their civil liberties. Iowa, I ask of you to give economic freedom a chance.