“Everybody knows that the dice are loaded”

Leonard Cohen

              In terms of current events I think that the RNC has influenced the last couple of elections in part via their treatment of people with the last name Paul. I suggest asking Kim Reynolds about this. I think that the DNC has influenced the last handful of elections in part via their treatment of people named Sanders and Kucinich. The Creature from Jekyll Island, otherwise known as The Federal Reserve, has been influencing elections since 1914. Ever since our latest attempt at a central banking system we have seen drastic inflation, perpetual wars of aggression, and a cycle of booms and busts. These things hurt every citizen of the country and every citizen of other countries that are impacted by our policies, in a myriad of ways, including via the creation of a number of additional application points for establishment exertion of influence on elections. I think that all of the people mentioned agree on a number of issues. The main difference between these names is that Sanders and Kucinich subscribe to Keynesian Economics whereas the Paul’s support the Austrian School economics. For this reason I tend to side with the latter two on economic issues but I certainly have more respect for all of these people than I do most active politicians.

If we are going to talk about a country possibly interfering in our election process, would it not be wise to discuss the sanctions that we have against said country? It is no secret that US sanctions have crushed equity Of Russian oil companies. Sanctions have long been the subject of controversy as scholars question their effects. Sanctions can arguably be more dangerous to a country’s well-being than other regime change tactics or even full-on military intervention. I believe that putting sanctions on an entire country, in an attempt to punish a few people that a few people in our country disagree with, is preposterous.

As for current Democrats and Republicans that somehow think that the CIA is credible in 2016, I suggest that you do some reading. I suggest that, at best, the organization has a history of unethical activity and undemocratic manipulation, and at worst the organization has a history of outright treason. In regards to this fake news stuff and suggestions of “Russian interference”, from the lens of a media major whom has studied things like, The Sedition Act, the Army–McCarthy hearings, The Cold War, and the Motion Picture Production Code, I suggest that it is not in our best interest to venture back down these avenues. Yellow journalism, while disheartening, is not a new problem. Do the names Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst ring any bells? The best way that I see to reduce the impact of yellow journalism is to stop participating in its dissemination and by extension its profitability.

“Burke said that there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate, more important far than they all.“
Thomas Carlyle

Marco Battaglia writes for the Iowa Free Press and is a proud member of The Fourth Estate

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