The Tax Wall Street Party is calling on Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to investigate challenger Hillary Clinton’s perceived victory in the Iowa Democratic Caucuses on February 1.

TWSP Chairperson Daniela Walls issued a public statement on February 2 in the form of an open letter to Sanders and his campaign staff. In the letter, Walls says her organization has “no confidence in the Iowa Democratic Party’s announcement that Hillary Clinton has emerged as the winner.”

The Iowa Caucuses on Monday night ended in a near dead-heat between Clinton and Sanders, considered by some to be a historic feat for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Some sources report that the caucus race was too close to call.

According to Walls, “Reports generally available in the news media and sourced to officials of your campaign speak of some 90 Iowa precincts where the Democratic Party failed to provide a duly credentialed chairperson, and allege that the individual campaigns were being called on to help ‘reconstruct’ the vote totals – an open door to fraud.”

The TWSP statement coincides with charges of voter irregularity and confusion in precincts throughout the state. As reported by C-SPAN, “Caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain do not conduct actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus” at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines.

The group is urging the Sanders campaign to go through the appropriate legal channels to secure the “immediate impoundment” of all records (printed files, emails, text messages, etc.) generated by Democratic Party officials, the Clinton campaign and “other relevant persons, regarding the conduct of and delegate assignment in these caucuses.”

Walls adds that TWSP takes these allegations very seriously and that an official investigation would be for the benefit of Democratic voters and “of the American people in general.”

TWSP is a non-profit group based in Washington D.C. that describes itself as “the modern revival of the best of American traditions, all of which are historically proven, having been successfully put to use in America and other nations around the world.” They support protections and incentives for “the producers of tangible goods and services, programs to improve the quality of life for American communities, and an end to harmful free trade and financial speculation.”

Walls argues that the attitude expressed by certain officials that the Iowa Democratic Party is in effect “a private club beyond the reach of federal law is anti-historical and outrageous, since it negates the entire effort of the civil rights movement to secure fair primary elections, starting in the southern states.”

Clinton’s campaign, in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee, has been accused by Sanders supporters and others in the party of practices that have been deemed by some as “questionable” at best.

As reported by Iowa Free Press, the Democratic Liberty Caucus, a libertarian/conservative-leaning wing of the party, has called for the resignation of DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who served as the co-chair of Clinton’s failed 2008 bid for president against challenger Barack Obama.

“We further urge you to investigate the possibility of a federal lawsuit against the Iowa Democratic Party for denying the civil rights of Iowa Democratic voters through multiple irregularities, including the obviously unfair coin toss procedure in which the Hillary campaign won every time,” the TWSP statement continues.

The full TWSP statement can be read here.

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  1. Great article, Ms Walls and the Tax Wall Street Party are right. The Iowa caucus results have all the indications of fraud and there should be a recount. Anyone interested in keeping done semblance of a democratic process should support this idea.

  2. Great coverage, thank you. I have difficulty feeling enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, despite agreeing with him on a number of key issues. He needs to show SOME fighting spirit, starting with protesting the theft of delegates he and Iowa voters rightly earned. Ms. Walls hits the nail on the head here with great clarity and insight, and Sanders’ momentum hangs in the balance on this issue. Essentially, is he going to be bullied by Clinton, or is he going to fight? If he can’t stand up to another candidate, why should we believe he’ll stand up to the Wall Street/free trade/war machine?

  3. Why Doesn’t The Tax Wall Street Party initiate a challenge to Hillary’s Iowa election claims? In terms of galvanizing public support, continuing his Senate job and fighting the machine, Bernie has performed a Herculean feat.. I am amazed with his energy. He needs support instead of piling on another task, even though he is looking into the fraud. We all know it’s there and that he probably won. It is SOP for the Clintons. I lived in Arkansas when they were there and the Arkancide site helps reveal their history and tactics. Tarpley had criticized Sanders for not proposing Taxing Wall Street. He is proposing this and I am amazed that his ideas are accepted his ideas, and another candidate probably could not have accomplished it. His strict code for not accepting corporate money and his consistency in issues probably accounts for his success. . I have been canvassing in Iowa for Bernie and seeing the devastation that NAFTA has done to small towns is heart breaking. Houses are literally decaying with people living in them. People are existing and that’s about it. Many people had never heard of Bernie. The media had shut him out and most people couldn’t afford internet or cable tv., In spite of this, Bernie’s army of volunteers (I am 79) who, as in our case, went on weekends and traveled 7 plus hours to Iowa from Southern Missouri, and knocked on doors. I appreciate your organization. I listen to Tarpley and learn there, but theory alone doesn’t change things. It’s easy to see what is wrong, but there has to be action to change things at the same time. I am on the theory side, so am talking to myself, also.

  4. In the most recent elections held here in Poughkeepsie, NY, some incumbent Democrat candidates with long records of community supported voting were taken off the party line on the ballets and replaced with Clinton machine wall streeters. If the Democrat machine does that in this city of ~30,000, what wouldn’t they do in an important caucus vote? The Iowa Democrat vote must be challenged! Those who support the Sanders campaign cannot remain silent on this issue.

  5. It is imperative that Bernie fights this corruption and fraud. Good to see a leaders from other organizations give direction and laying out a clear response to this injustice to democracy! Keep putting the pressure on: Tax Wall Street Party- kudos!

  6. The Tax Wall Street Party is right on the money here. The American people must contest this obvious vote fraud. Bernie must stop acting as a wing man for the Clinton machine. The Tax Wall Street Party is performing valuable interventions into Bernie’s campaign to get Bernie to truly be a formidable opponent to Hillary. All persons of good will must do the same to truly split the Democratic party between Wall Street Democrats and New Deal populist Democrats.

  7. Bernie’s gotta challenge this nonsense! It doesn’t do anybody any good to let the Clinton machine railroad other candidates through election fraud. How the hell else are we suppose to get “independent-minded” candidates if we can’t break the corporate election machine? You can’t roll over on this kind of stuff, you gotta kick ass and take names! I’m glad this Tax Wall Street party is calling this out and doing something about it, where’s Bernie?

      1. Is that the same tax that allows billionaires to make a killing in the market while people like my parents get the shit taxed out of them to offset corporate subsidies, windfall banker profits, and tax breaks for people that don’t need them?

        1. When a corporation makes a profit. That money is distributed to shareholders in the form of short term and long term capital gains. For which those shareholders pay tax on. Mutual funds included.
          You see these problems that you mention as a left right issue. I see it as the entire system in need of reform or collapse. The sooner the better.

          1. There’s no left/right to this argument, except that a majority of Republicans eat ass and Wall Street Dems do the same. It’s Wall Street v Everybody Else – If you read through our proposal you’d know we have a One Million Dollar Retirement Exemption for this tax – It never touches the 99%! Instead, it goes after institutions such as Wall Street zombie banks that have yet to be taken to task over the 2007-08 financial meltdown crisis…

  8. If Bernie Sanders is to be taken seriously as a candidate for president, he must press forward and demand a recount. Otherwise, vote fraud can continue in New Hampshire, Nevada/South Carolina, it won’t end.

  9. TWSP Chair Daniela Walls gives Bernie Sanders superb counsel on defending the democratic process against the unscrupulous bias of the Iowa Democratic Party in their vote fraud efforts to support Hilary Clinton.

  10. .
    YES, a full recount must be done, complete with legal observers at each sight. Thank you TWSP for pressing this issue! The sooner the better. All computers involved with votes like this should be physically locked up, in order to prevent more fraud from happening, until it is known if recounts are called for. We have seen fraud like this in WI in 2011. The public is getting swindled. Come on Bernie, push for this! I wish the WI Democrats had. Now they still have Walker and a rubber stamp Republican led Supreme Court.

  11. It’s easy to dismiss Tarpley and the TWSP from a delusional mainstream perspective. The fact is he was right about everything regarding the destructive power of high finance. We may be tempted to turn away from his combative temperament, seemingly beamed in from another, less coddled era. Actually he has fortified the New New Deal movement from any wolves in sheep’s clothing with that special divining power that comes from–true story–the most awesomely useful vision of history in living memory. The surprise here is that the re-aligned Democratic base already had plenty of populist outrage on the “conveyor belt” going into this contest. Class consciousness may be inarticulate today, but the class “unconscious” has returned with vengeful force. Now I humbly submit this: the best plan of action is to bring in ideas from the TWSP plan to relieve the economic depression as soon as Sanders wins New Hampshire. Put those silver bullet points on the table for the monetarist pessimists to assess. You know the ones I mean: a robust Wall Street sales and turnover tax as well as the nationalization of the Federal Reserve banks. The time has come to inject strong programmatic points into the discussion without splintering the movement. The left must unite around Realpolitik, re-industrialization and human rights. You folks are all amazing to me and I count today’s national dialogue as proof that, one way or another, America has taken notice.

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