There are a number of things that made Ben Carson’s campaign for President of the United States to implode. The national commentators are always going to point to his lack of foreign policy experience, but the truth is that Carson did not capitalize on his national profile. The man certainly can give a great speech, but he tends to fade into the background when he is around career politicians.

Mike Huckabee, for example, seems to be a more captivating storyteller on a debate stage. Ben Carson needed to be able to tell his great personal story on that debate stage; he needs to explain why his policy proposals will lift more people into a more promising life.

The campaign finance arm of the Carson campaign has been very strong, but the truth is that they just lost the head of that finance team. The fact of the matter is that Carson’s campaign finances are coming into question. Many people believe that his team spent too much money in the form of direct mail.

There are also complaints that important people within the campaign would bicker with each other about who had access to Dr. Carson and who did not.

Carson has some qualified people working for him in the early states, but several of his supporters recently quit in the state of New Hampshire. PAC or campaign workers resigning is typically a sign of a candidate not believing in their own strength. Workers tend to resign when they begin to question whether a candidate commits to a given state.

The national team working for Carson obviously felt that Carson’s national polls would continue to rise, and his would lead to success in the individual states. Ben Carson has to be able to understand that he has to raise his overall policy chops and thus becoming a more notable speaker. His numbers have to rise past the likes of Marco Rubio. You really don’t want to worry about the Human Resources Department of a campaign when you are chasing a U.S. Senator from a large state in the polls.

If you do not see a bigger debate performance from Ben Carson, the money will begin to dry up. Carson did hire some good grassroots people to run the individual states for him, but can those Tea Party Patriots keep that consistent level of fervor up for their candidate? That is the important rhetorical question that the Carson campaign has to answer.

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