Bill Hicks’ ‘Arizona Bay: Extended’ Is Now Available

Revolutionary comedian Bill Hicks is back with Arizona Bay: Extended, now available from Comedy Dynamics. Bill Hicks was a strange combination of jester, philosopher and poet. Much of his material contains prophetic commentary with his incendiary insight on racial unrest, police brutality, US wars in the Middle East, celebrity culture and what he felt was […]

‘Getting Candidates on the Record’ workshop in Des Moines

Three non-profit organizations are joining forces for the “Getting Candidates on the Record” workshop in Des Moines on December 3. Iowa activists will gather at the Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting House to learn how to “bird-dog,” or lobby, presidential candidates for the political season. This effort will be hosted by the Free Press Action […]

Forum on America’s Global Leadership to be hosted in Des Moines

The Forum on America’s Global Leadership is meeting to discuss “What’s At Stake in 2016?” in Des Moines on November 23. Sponsored by the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition based in Washington D.C., the forum is seeking answers to difficult but important questions at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown. Local and national leaders in politics, business, […]

Folk Singer Will Channel Labor Martyr Joe Hill in Cedar Rapids

Grammy-nominated folk singer John McCutcheon will perform in the one-man musical “Joe Hill’s Last Will” at the CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids on November 21. The stage show celebrates the legacy of Swedish-born songwriter and union activist Joe Hill, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. ¬†Historian Philip S. Foner referred to him […]

Benefit for Jimi Strychnine: Lefty’s Hosts Fundraiser for Friend in Need

Lefty’s Live Music is hosting a fundraiser for Jimi “Strychnine” Scribner in Des Moines on November 21. Scribner served as the head chef at the House of Bricks performance venue in Des Moines and has worked there as a sound technician. Throughout the years he befriended many walks of life and has since become “a […]

The Fourth Estate and the American political debates of 2015

As I sit here we are closing in on seventy days until the Iowa Caucus. In Iowa the Green and Libertarian Parties are not quite yet official political parties. Therefore they are currently Non-Party Political Organizations in this state. Therefore Libertarians decide if they want to swallow their pride and switch parties for a day […]

‘Psychedelic Siren’: Crusin’ with Max Allan Collins and The Daybreakers

“There’s a psychedelic siren, wailing in the night.” These words signaled the arrival of underground legends¬†Crusin’ and their unique brand of 1960s rock n’ roll that first rocked Eastern Iowa nearly 50 years ago. Crusin’s lead singer and keyboardist Max Allan Collins is better known to fans as a prolific author of novels, short stories […]

‘Mission Possible’ fundraiser in January to help fight human trafficking

The “Mission Possible” fundraiser on January 28 will contribute to the goal of ending human trafficking in the Quad Cities, according to event organizers. The Davenport non-profit group Braking Traffik and the Quad Cities Lodging Association are teaming up to continue the fight in eradicating human trafficking, one of the largest criminal enterprises in the […]

‘We Support All Refugees’ Rally at State Capitol on Tuesday

Protesters will rally at the Iowa State Capitol to challenge Governor Terry Branstad’s plea to deny Syrian refugees entry into the state on November 24 from 1-4pm. The protest will be hosted by Samantha Thomas of Des Moines, who is “appalled at Branstad’s resolution to deny services to anyone in need.” Thomas is the founder […]

ISU Investigating Vandalism of George Washington Carver Statue

Last Friday, the Iowa State University Police received a report that the George Washington Carver statue outside Carver Hall had been vandalized with what appeared to be shaving cream. According to the University, the vandalism is believed to have occurred on Friday between 1 P.M. and 4 P.M. In a statement, Iowa State University President, […]