Since a time ago, many women had started to adopt the idea that men are complicated. But in fact, we are simpler than you might think.
Most people tend to over-complicated relationships.

Now, men are exceedingly simple, and I’m not saying that we are intellectually simple; I’m saying that our motivations are simple.
There’s an interesting motive why men have been pursuing and courting women all around the world so energetically, and believe me that it’s not what you thinking.

Though men think a considerable portion of their time in sex, this is also an oversimplification of this issue.
If you watched it from a biological point of view, you can say that men, just like women, only want to make their genes to survive.

What differs one from another is the way that men do it.
Now, if you watch Animal Planet you will discover that there are species that have learned how to reproduce asexually. In other words, they don’t need to have sex with a partner to reproduce. By the other hand, humans are different; we need a partner to reproduce. This means that we must find someone who is willing to have sex with you.

The differences in attitude toward sex differ between men and women and also differ depending on how parents raised you.
The two genders have different perspective about their offspring, and the attitude toward sex depends on the relative investment that the each person in a relationship makes.
Sperm cells are incredibly tiny. On the other side, the eggs that they must fertilize are 1000’s bigger than them. What does this mean? Well, women can offer more than men.

According to numbers, a man can produce everyday around 30 to 100 million of sperm cells. And men have the possibility to do it for a long time. Different from women, who must face the end of their fertility at menopause.

According to female numbers, women release eggs on the amount of 1 per month; they have around 40 years of fertility, a small amount in comparison with the sex cell that men generate.

From an economic perspective, eggs are precious and have a huge cost, and its metabolic resources are significant. Now, sperm is another story. These are tiny and inexpensive.

These differences don’t end here, there’s a lot more than just a metabolic investment from women, there’s also gestation, which is a high cost for them. In other words, this is highly expensive. For men, this entire process only requires time, and sometimes, just a few seconds.
So, a woman who chooses poorly will pay a high price for it.

A man who leaves his partner after conception increases the price for his partner. Women must be wise about which man they choose to have sex with.
Men have limits on how to produce offspring by their abilities to fertilize a single egg. Women instead, must pay a high price for sex, due to their willingness to carry the burden of expensive costs, which go from the initial metabolic investment to all the gestation work.

So, it’s only wise for women when they are selecting a right partner. Due to the fact that sex is economical for men, and the genetic success is high, they care less about choosing a partner.

The attitude of men toward sex is really different from women but also they tend to be less careless about the person they sleep with.
And though not all men are a bunch of cavemen who are following their biological instincts, there are a lot of men who are more reprehensible for sure.

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