There are millions of reasons behind the failure of a relationship. And thousands of people have written about all of them. It can be trust issues, incompatibility or bad communication. Surprisingly, there are some challenges that can lead to relational dissolution that can be seen as something good at first sight. Here are the five shocking reasons why a relationship can be ruined.

The Two Are Too Compatible

Though be compatible with your partner is a great thing. There’s a problem linked to this situation when the characteristics between you two are immaturity or unhealthy tendencies.

I know everyone is in the search for someone who can think exactly like them, but if this means a like-minded partner with awful characteristics, both of you will be perpetuating and promoting bad behaviors.

For instance, when two persons in a relationship are highly emotional insecure, they will build a co-dependent relationship.

Other example might be when two risk-seeking persons start a relationship based on perpetuating one-another’s self-destructive lifestyle.

There are a lot of things that can be said about this issue, and always remember that opposites attract. Both ways work fines as long as each partner evokes the mature tendencies on the other one.

The Two Are Too Attached

Like the one before, it’s only natural to feel attached to your partner. By the other hand, there’s a kind of attachment named Anxious-Preoccupied that’s not always a healthy relationship, according to researchers Bartholomew and Horowitz.

A person with this attachment style will only desire to spend their time with their partner and feel highly insecure when they are alone. The person will often suffer from negative emotions during the relationship, and needs a lot of reassurance so they can feel safe. When the two persons involved are in the early stages of courtship, the one without Anxious-Preoccupied will feel happy for all the emotional intensity plus the flattering attention.

Sadly, when the time pass, you will get tired of the possessiveness, neediness, and also the over sensitivity from your partner.

The Two Have Good Sex

An active and satisfying sex life in a couple is great during a committed relationship. The problem is when sex is used to cover significant issues in the relationship – issues that must be talked between the couple and that they must deal with them soon.

Must couples assume that despite the issues, because the sex is good, their relationship is still fine. When time passes in a relationship, and sex becomes a lower priority in their life (due to factors like work, children, aging, etc.), issues that weren’t solved will arise once again.

The Two Don’t Argue

There are always a couple who are happy to brag that they don’t argue, but all successful relationships, couples that have been happy for over twenty years, always argue once in a while.

People fear that a simple conflict or an argument will jeopardize their relationships. A successful couple will work the problem, solve it and then will go for a date. They know that they must focus on the issue and not attacking the other person. And this is important, because they have realized that they can learn and surpass any difficulty.

By the other hand, you can always meet those couples who have been together less than five years, who tell that their relationship is more than perfect, and most of all, they never argue. Surprisingly, one day will come when they two are over. For them, a relationship is perfect or is not, just like that.

Couples like these, usually have problems like any other couple. In this case, they prefer to avoid the issue, or believe that doesn’t exist. By being in an idealized relationship, they will find out eventually a harsh reality.

The Two Are Too Nice

Anyone can be too nice in their relationship. The thing is, is it bad? Well, is bad when the love you gave is not reciprocal and your partner is only ungrateful.

Just like the law of supply and demand in economics, you can do the same thing in any romantic relationship: when a thing is offered in abundance, its values are low. So, when you are with an inconsiderate partner, all the good love you give, it won’t be valued. In other words, it’s wise to be the kind of person who knows where to draw the boundaries.

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