Sadly, everyone takes the word “love” lightly, and sometimes it’s turned into a social competition, where everyone tries to be in the top of a worthiness scale. The more beautiful you are, the more desire you are. Thinking that this is the only way to find love.

And even more sadly, it’s not as simple as this. In fact, none of these stuff matters when working for a meaningful relationship. It’s not beauty and wealth that makes you find love, or make you feel like if you deserve it.

The reality is that love is everywhere and you just need to be open to it, when this happens you can realize that trying to be perfect is not necessary.

It’s fine if you want to have love in your life. Though many people might believe this idea, many don’t accept it. This idea is one of the engines that make a human being to function. It’s fine if you want to have love, and is also fine if you don’t want to settle for something less than a meaningful connection.

And, don’t be afraid if things don’t end well, it’s fine to try all the time. And is a surprise to discover that those who have the messiest past tend to be the happiest.

Love Is Necessary To Survive

There are people who say that the root of desiring to be loved is a sort of flaw or fear of being alone, and this is a lie. In fact, this is only part of our nature and the desire to survive.

This desire is part of the entire human being, and the reason is to keep the human race existing. Now, this is a simple way to put the entire concept. The thing is that you shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to be loved, and is also not bad if you don’t have love in your life.

Sharing Your Love Is A Beautiful Thing To Do

To be devoted to share your love in your life is a worthy and noble way to live your life. The real problem is when someone doesn’t use love to enrich their life and instead they use it to make it more palatable. Love not only appears in a romantic relationship, it also runs between friends and families.

It’s like doing what you most love to do though you cannot feel it or see it. When looking to connect with someone else and express your love is one of the best things that a mortal can do. And the most important is to put love in every place of your life.

Respect Yourself

A common mistake that many people do is to have a poor relationship where love doesn’t exist. And doing this is a clear disrespect to you.

If you want to have love in your life, it means that you haven’t found it yet. And this is fine, because many people who don’t have a meaningful love, are people who only search for a kind of love that they believe they deserve.

It’s not a bad thing to strongly seek for love. It only means that you haven’t given up on finding the real thing.

Learn From Failure

Extreme daters are people who understand how relationships and love work. Especially themselves. The thing is that they have learned from their experiences.

What I mean is that thanks to their experiences they know what works and what doesn’t, what they want and don’t. Is due to what they’ve learned, that they are able to accept everything about themselves and what is a meaningful love.

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