Casual sex has been becoming more common, according to statistics. A research has revealed that this kind of encounter is on the rise after studying people from 18-years old to 25-years old. According to the report, people who had casual sex from the 80s to mid-90s were around 30%, while those from 2004 to 2012 are around 40%.

The popularity of casual sex apps (for instance, Tinder) have also influenced in turning casual sex in a usual (and easy) interaction among people. And though we are living in a safer era than years ago and a one-night stand is something great. And, it is also something that must be agreed by the two persons.

Now, everyone knows how “dating” a person who is only interested in having sex can be a horrible experience, especially if you are thinking (and feeling) that it’s going in an especial relationship.

This can hit severely anyone’s self-esteem, and if you are into the same thing you start wondering why he or she don’t love you like you do, it could only end into a broken heart. After all, you have invested a lot of time and emotions on this person, while they are only after someone else.

But from the moment you stop being in denial, you can learn what is this person going after and be able to know if someone is only looking for sex.

Here are some signs that can help you noticed this:

They Only Care About How You Look

If you are looking for a great personality you know that you’re searching for a long everlasting relationship, by the other hand, sex is more about attraction.

Biologically speaking, sex is superficial, a person who is looking for sex doesn’t think about chemistry. Instead of having an intellectual conversation, or just an interesting one, they only talk about how hot you are.

You Never Go On A Date

Though a lot of people believe that the perfect date is to sit down on the couch and eat pizza while watching an episode of Game of Thrones, in reality, an actual date requires that the couple should leave the apartment once in a while.

Now, a person who is only interested in sex will make an effort in keeping the things next to the bedroom.

Every Conversation Ends In A Sexual Topic

If you want to deal with a partner that has a sex drive of a bunny, you must stop talking about any topic related to sex or about this at all. And, why you may wonder? Well, because it makes you want to have sex.

If you realize that you cannot have a simple conversation, for example, about the political situation and Donald Trump, without your partner finds a way to link with sex, then that relationship is going nowhere.

You Never Spend The Night Together

If you watched Bridesmaids, you might remember how Jon Hamm’s character didn’t let Kristen Wiig’s Character spend the night with him. If you’re wondering why, is because he only wanted to have sex with her and nothing else.

When a couple sleep over, this intimate moments generate feelings and it might lead to breakfast together, and at the same time to talk and learn more about each other.

They Lose Interest When You Are Not In The Mood For Sex

Let’s say that you are in their place, and during halfway of a make-out session you stop because you want to go out. If the other one starts making anything else instead of hanging out with you, then is really clear what is going on with you two.

You Don’t Know Nothing About The Other

When you only care about sex, there are a lot of chances that the only thing that each other cares about is to talk dirty. By the other hand, when you have a meaningful relationship, you are constantly trying to know more about each other.

When you realize that the person that you’re talking to is a completely strange to you that is a clear sign to know that the other cares only about sex.

There’s No Cuddling After Sex

If you are an expert in casual sex you probably know that cuddling is forbidden. This is due to the oxytocin that your body produces when cuddling, which leads to bonding with the other person.

When you bond, emotions start to appear, and suddenly you start feeling in love. Love and sex are two different issues, and someone who only wants to have sex will stop any sort of cuddling.

You Realize That There Are More People Than You

Only if you are in an open relationship you have the chance to see others, but if you are in a romantic relationship, your partner and you shouldn’t be dating with anyone else.

When you discover that you are not the only person involved with the other, this is most than a clear sign that the person which your spending your time only cares about sex.

‘This Is Just Sex’

When you hear these brutal and honest words, you can’t really expect anything else. So, it’s more than simple, if you are looking for a serious relationship search for someone else.

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