Most people (for not saying all of them) have been hurt during a romantic relationship, and I know, we’ve all shared the same pain. The thing is, that there are those who have been more affected than us.

In fact, we all have felt what it is to be scorched by the flames of passion, but we must accept that there are people who are badly damaged.

The challenge to love someone who has a broken heart is not as difficult as you might think; you just need to learn how to love. Check the next things, to know how to date and love someone with a broken heart, in other words, a simple human being:

Everyone Has A Past

What separates a person from another is in where phase they are in their healing process. There are those who are still with an open wound, others are cautious due to the healed scars, but the majority of people are around in the middle of this process.

Now, nobody feels completely safe and everybody is scarred, the fact is that everyone is not completely sure that they are worthy of being loved by others. If you understand this, you will be able to build a true relationship. You will be able to speak to someone’s heart, especially the parts that nee attention, this doesn’t mean that you must fix these parts.

Love And Trust Are Things That You Must Earn

Pop culture has always been focused on a strange and instantaneous love that can happen at any moment. The thing is that this is only a fantasy and also dangerous.

Essentially, it makes be closed to a genuine love because you can’t recognize it. Nowadays, rebuilding our concept is necessary if you want to truly love someone. And the first thing that you must learn is that love is something you earn. Stop thinking that just because you exist you are worthy of being loved.

In reality, this is only what happens when you build a bond with another person when you open and show your true self to someone. Don’t think that because if you don’t get loved instantly is your fault, and don’t think also that it’s their fault either.

It’s something that the both of you must work together.

Attachment Is Dangerous

Most people think that love and loss are the main things that hurt. What truly hurts is the idea that love can save you.

It’s highly difficult to overcome a relationship that we wanted to carry us or that we believe that could heal us. If you want a genuine relationship, you must apart of any attachment.

It might seem impossible, but you will figure it out in time.

Relationships Have The Power To Intensify Every Part Of You

All of you, the lovely and lovable parts of yourself including the ones that are hidden with shadows will get brighter in a romantic relationship.

This might be also the reason why relationships are so hard to overcome. If you want a truly meaningful relationship, you must be aware that it is going to put your soul in a magnifying glass.

If you’re feeling insecure, is your problem and you must handle it. It’s your job to reconcile you with your past; this is an important aspect of what you have to work if you don’t want it to be present in your romantic relationships.

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