It appears that every day new studies appear in all the magazines and the Internet with new findings on relationships or why things are the way they are. In this case, why men are the way they are.

Men are sometimes defined by women as Neanderthals, kids who don’t want to grow up. But, the real question is, are men so strange? Well, with new discoveries everyone can learn more about the odd behavior from men.

You probably have read the surprising article about how women who earn more than their partners are more prompt to be cheated. This might seem really strange if you consider that men in this situation are hurting their relationship and jeopardizing the possibility to live in a house and keep three meals per day.

Surprisingly, the new study shows that men who are more likely to cheat are unemployed, and there weren’t a lot of cheaters as always imagined. According to one study, 3.8% of male partners cheat.

This means that men who find themselves depressed, with nothing to do, and with no money, are more likely to give up to their impulses.

Recently, new studies suggest that men don’t like and can feel really bad with themselves when someone else opens a door for them. By the other hand, women don’t feel like this.

But like several bloggers and relationship experts explains, most people without considering gender or situation don’t like somebody else to open the door for them.

Let’s consider the latest month’s cover of the New York Times magazine, which features a story about how husbands who help their wives with the house chores that are considered “feminine,” like cooking or cleaning have sex 1.5 less per month in comparison with those who only do “manly” chores like taking out the garbage or lifting things.

Another research points out how men feel small when their partner is more successful than them. According to a research published in August from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, this issue is more than just about the men feeling defeated at any contest against women. This situation is when their girlfriends or wives had success in their workplace or in an event that they weren’t even imagined that they were competing.

Now, the last one might be considered as a retro behavior for men. Considering that nowadays women are better educated in comparison with their husband is believed that this kind of behavior might end at some point.

Though is probably to be considered that everything is based on the physical differences between men and women, this other study shows otherwise.

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