What makes a relationship differ from others? A positive and trusting relationship requires a lot of effort. And unluckily, it also takes a lot of time. For a relationship to become strong you need to work as much as possible.

Here are different habits that you can add to your daily life and build a healthier relationship with your partner.


This is one of the most important habits to build a strong relationship. This healthy quality sometimes is not used properly, in other cases is not even known how to be used. A happy couple have their own personal way to communicate, they know that they always must communicate positive things, constantly saying how much they love each other, and compliments are always on the table.

But any healthy couples must always discuss the negative subjects, instead of avoiding them. In order to grow, a couple should always talk honestly about their feelings. It might sometimes become uncomfortable, but it will help to make a relationship to endure for a long time.


This is essential; after all, Aretha Franklin sang an entire song about this subject. Always respect your couple, and also, respect has different forms.

A happy relationship is the result of respecting your partner’s trust, character, heart and personal time. Sadly, there are plenty of things that couples do that can hurt badly their relationship. A disrespectful behavior for instance, is when you talk negatively about your partner’s family or friends, or when you do something as simple as name-calling.

It’s not about how much time you spend with your significant other but about the quality

Quality is all what matters, it’s not about how much time you spend together. The thing is that when a couple spends time together they must focus on the quality.
There’s a big difference between talking about your day during dinner and watching a movie on the couch. It’s good to spend time together and enjoying of some distractions. It’s essential that a couple must always spend quality time to build a profound connection.

Time Apart

This habit comes with the last one. As important as spending quality time together is. It is also important to spend time part of your partner. Being able of remaining independent and do your own things is crucial. A couple can create the bad habit of codependency when spending a lot of time together, and this is highly unhealthy.

If you want to keep healthy boundaries between you and your partner and build a healthy partnership, some autonomy is necessary.

Remember The “Love Languages”

According to Gary Chapman, there are five love languages between men and women. The notion is explained as particular ways of feeling loved.

These five “love languages” are:

• Words of affirmation.
• Receiving gifts.
• Quality time.
• Acts of service.
• Physical touch.

It’s crucial to always recognize which love language your partner speaks to you, and which are you speaking, because these are sometimes different. When you and your partner know what makes them feel special and loved, you two will always stay connected. As well, be sure to continuously attend your partner’s love language.


Usually, people forget to make the people in their lives know that they appreciate them. You might think about how much you appreciate them, but you forget to show them. This also happens in relationships as well. Always remember to show how especial is your significant other. You can do this by giving flowers or doing an act of kindness.

Positive Versus Negative

There are couples that are always stick to the negative stuffs. If you or your partner are always talking about how much you hate your job or someone; this can make your partner to lose the patient. It’s important to always remember the positive qualities over the negative, and stop looking at the glass as half empty.

No one is perfect, instead of looking at the bad side of your partner; focus on the good things about him or her.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Arguments are always present in any relationship. It’s vital to always put the issues on the table and work together during the hard times. This means that you shouldn’t be arguing with your partner about using your favorite coffee cup. Always pick and choose wisely which battles to fight, because a happy relationship always does this.


Let’s stop for a moment to talk about sex and how significant it is when cultivating a healthy relationship. If you have a lot of sex, the more you want to do it with your partner, is simple. And if you don’t have sex, the less you want to have it, and this will make you feel less connected with your partner.

Always keep things interesting with your partner and keep the passion alive.

No Comparisons

Sometimes we like to compare our lives to others, and this might become as something bad. And since the beginning of social media, people have been doing this a lot more, especially with relationships. Don’t compare your relationship to others, a happy couple doesn’t need to do this, they know they are happy.

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