Progress Iowa Corn Feed To Be Hosted On August 30

Progressive leaders and activists will gather for the 2015 “Progress Iowa Corn Feed” at the Simon Estes Amphitheater in Des Moines on August 30. Progress Iowa’s Executive Director Matt Sinovic told Iowa Free Press that his organization wanted to host the event “so that Iowa progressives would have the chance to get together and talk […]

Four Texas Oil and Gas Promoters Ordered to Stop Fraudulent Sales in Iowa

Four Texas oil and gas promoters have been ordered to stop allegedly fraudulent sales of unregistered securities in Iowa. The companies have also been directed to refund $2.1 million to 14 Iowans and legal fees related to charges of unregistered securities and securities fraud. Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart has issued a summary order to cease and discontinue to […]

How To Have A Successful Office Romance

Thousands of companies have always wondered where they stand about romances in the office. In fact, there’s not an exact way to calculate what could happen when a romance in the workplace doesn’t blossom. For instance, if a supervisor gets involved with a subordinate employee, there’s no way to predict how things are going to […]

5 Shocking Reasons A Relationship Might Fail

There are millions of reasons behind the failure of a relationship. And thousands of people have written about all of them. It can be trust issues, incompatibility or bad communication. Surprisingly, there are some challenges that can lead to relational dissolution that can be seen as something good at first sight. Here are the five […]

4 Things That You Should Have In Mind If You Are Dating Someone With A Painful Past

Most people (for not saying all of them) have been hurt during a romantic relationship, and I know, we’ve all shared the same pain. The thing is, that there are those who have been more affected than us. In fact, we all have felt what it is to be scorched by the flames of passion, […]

Michael Shannon Has Revealed A “Batman v. Superman” Spoiler

In January, there were rumors about if Michael Shannon was going to fight once again the Kryptonian superhero in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” And though Shannon’s character (Zod) had his neck broken in the first released of “Man of Steel.” The rumours suggest, that Lex Luthor will steal Zod’s corpse to create Doomsday by […]