The news related to 50 Cent and the sex tape scandal is not over yet, and the news now showing that things have worsened for 50 Cent.

The artist has been ordered to pay the enormous amount of $5 million to the mom of one of Rick Ross’ children, Lastonia Leviston, after being sued for leaking her sex tape in 2009. Though Curtis’ attempt of avoiding any raise to the bill in punitive damages from Leviston after filing for bankruptcy in Connecticut, a Manhattan jury has added more money to the settlement.

Recently, the New York Daily News published the information that the jury ordered to 50 Cent an extra payment of $2 million to Leviston. This makes a total of $7 million, a lot more than the $700,000 deal offered by 50’s lawyers and only half of the $15 million asked for Leviston.

Additionally, Curtis’ strategy of filing for bankruptcy and his overall attitude in the court may have put him in a bad place with the jury.

On Tuesday, Fifty explained that his luxurious lifestyle is a lie. According to on of the jurors, Sylvia Rodriguez, “it sucked.”

“I don’t think he was taking it seriously,” Rodriguez said. “He was winking at one of us, and then he just ran out of the courtroom. That wasn’t necessary.”

Rodriguez didn’t think that Curtis felt sorry for humiliating Leviston after putting her sex tape on the Internet. “He was funny, which wasn’t working at all for someone who has hurt someone else,” she said.

“He has it”. He’s 50 Cent. You know he has more than fifty cents,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t think he’s broke. If anything, he has it hidden.”

Curtis tried to make the jury believe that he was broke, explaining that his fancy lifestyle was an illusion, but his lawsuit kept going forward and now he must pay even more.

Leviston, who felt happy said that she was feeling “vindicated by God” with the judgement’s results, and was seen by reporters kissing and hugging the jurors while heading to the courthouse.

Still, Curtis and his lawyers are going to fight against the ruling and they are planning to file motions expecting to reduce the amount of the bill.

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