The Iowa Free Press has learned that two state of Iowa e-mails from the Department of Public Safety were found on the July 8, 2015 Wikileaks release of over one million e-mails form the Italian based Hacking Team’s e-mail list. Additionally, one inquiry was made from a state of Iowa employee about purchasing the Hacking Team’s controversial Remote Control System (RCS) in 2012.

The company describes the RCS solution below:

In modern digital communications, encryption is widely employed to protect users from eavesdropping. Unfortunately, encryption also prevents law enforcement and intelligence agencies from being able to monitor and prevent crimes and threats to the country security.

Remote Control System (RCS) is a solution designed to evade encryption by means of an agent directly installed on the device to monitor. Evidence collection on monitored devices is stealth and transmission of collected data from the device to the RCS server is encrypted and untraceable.

Below is a commercial discussing the features of the RCS:

In addition to the controversial aspects of the software, there was a controversy when it was discovered that the company was selling it’s software to governments accused of human rights violations such as Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

The inquiry regarding purchasing the software was made in July of 2012 by a state of Iowa employee.

Could you please send me some information about your RCS solution. I am with the State of Iowa, USA Information Security Office. We have Enterprise responsibility for Information Security for the State of Iowa. I am interested in how the RCS solution works and some pricing.

These latest leaks could lead to questions as to why Iowa Department of Public Safety e-mails were listed on the Hacking Team’s e-mail list, why an inquiry was made regarding the RCS solution and pricing, what the employee intended to use the RCS solution for, and if the state of Iowa ever made a purchase of the software.

This story is breaking news. We will follow up with more details.

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  1. So let me get this straight. The state of Iowa is upset that they got hacked and an e-mail exposed that they were looking for software to hack us. Can we say hypocrisy? Honestly, the only reason for government to keep things secret from their people( other than the location of nuclear materials or maybe Jimmy Hoffa’s body) is if they know the people won’t like what their up to.

  2. It’s a whole lot worse. Years ago I warned the State of Iowa about who they were dealing with as they outsourced their critical information technology (IT), to a Folsom, CA company called “Government Technology.”

    In the ‘70s, the church launched Operation Freakout on author Paulette Cooper, after the 1971 publication of her book, The Scandal of Scientology. The goal? To allegedly put Cooper in a prison or mental hospital by having her framed as a terrorist. Church members would make threatening calls to consulates posing as Cooper and attempted to get her fingerprints on a piece of paper and then mail it as a threatening letter to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

    In 1979, court documents revealed the plot to get Cooper. But in a New York Times article that November, church spokesman Dennis McKenna [CEO of Govtech] intimated that Cooper was covertly working with the FBI and other federal agencies to harm the church. (McKenna was not accused of participating in Operation Freakout.) [End citation]

    These are the people who have been running the state of Iowa’s information technology –

    I wonder if, who the Scientologists called in 1983 “the champion of religious freedom in America,” Charles Grassley, had a hand in assigning this lucrative contract.

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