Marvel fans can now start hoping for a new sequel and see once again to Paul Rudd wearing his Ant-Man suit. After all, the new Marvel film has raised $58 million the last weekend, a short amount in comparison with the earnings from Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger – which can be compared to Scott Lang’s cinematic introduction – but was still a number that can secure the movie a position at the box office.

The day of the movie’s debut, July 17, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed had a conversation with EW on which he confessed that he was unsure if there is going to a be an Ant-Man’s sequel, “it still remains to be seen” Reed said.

Still, the director is optimistic about Marvel Studios adding an Ant-Man 2 to the long list of upcoming films that the company published the last October.

“You know, Marvel laid out their plans at the end of last year that take them in to the Year 2083,” Reed said while laughing. “So I don’t know where we would work into that. [But] there’s a parallel with directing. If you’re a smart director, you have a plan, but you’re also smart enough to know that if there’s a better idea to be had, you can deviate from the plan. I like to think that maybe Marvel thinks that way in terms of their larger universe.”

The filmmaker also admitted that if he returns to the franchise he would be more than happy. “I’d love the chance to do a second movie and further the voyage of these characters and do another Ant-Man adventure where it’s not an origins story and we’re free to just take those characters and go wherever we want to go,” Reed said whose previous work includes The Break-Up and Bring It On. “I mean, there’s clearly some stuff that’s set up at the end of our movie, there’s some questions asked of these characters that hopefully we could provide the answers to. I feel there’s so much story yet to be told with this character.”

On when they will start working on a sequel, the filmmaker said that he “would be nuts right now to hazard a guess.”

“In the best case scenario, if we’re lucky enough to actually have serious conversations about it, I think everybody would be inclined to make it happen as soon as possible,” Reed said.

Michael Douglas Would Like That Catherine Zeta-Jones Play Janet Van Dyne

Among the many commentaries that Ant-Man has brought since it was released over the weekend, one that stands out was the Janet Van Dyne cameo in the movie as The Wasp.

This article won’t bring details about her appearance during this film, but we can say that there are a lot of possibilities for her return if there’s an Ant-Man sequel even though the face that will be behind The Wasp hasn’t been choose.

Michael Douglas, who is the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, had an interview with MTV on which he talked about his ideal casting for Janet Van Dyne:

Catherine Zeta-Jones. Wouldn’t be a bad idea. Remember her in Entrapment? You know, she’s pretty good at all that stuff. Then it would call for me to put on all that CGI, where I get twenty-five years younger. So I can go back and put on the Ant-Man suit. I’d be happy at this point to be in another Ant-Man. Or even if Hope goes to be The Wasp, my kid, or Catherine, who knows.

This might be a great idea, after all Zeta-Jones is Douglas’ spouse and is 45-years old.

Spoilers alert!

Zeta-Jones could play this role, if you consider that 26 years before the current events of this film, Hank Pym quit S.H.I.E.L.D., apparently, after his wife disappeared during a subatomic quantum realm, making Van Dyne and Douglas have the same age as members of the espionage agency. According to the story, time and space doesn’t function normally in the quantum realm, and though for her, the trip may seem in a flash but it is over twenty years for Hank Pym.

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