Recently, Paris Hilton was the objective from “Ramez in Control” (“Ramez Wakel Elgaw”), an Egyptian actor Ramez Galal’s prank show, which made Hilton the victim of a terrible hoax.

Ramez in Control” is an Egyptian show. In the YouTube video, you can see that Hilton is going to Dubai to be in the opening event of a new hotel. During the episode, the show host invited Hilton for a 15-minute travel around the city in a jet with other passengers. Minutes later, the pilot started making stunts in the midair, simulating that the plane was going to crash.

The video shows how Hilton alongside other passengers starts screaming and panicking after an alarm sound started with the plane falling down. Later, a passenger opened up a jet’s side door and while a man was tossed out Hilton was screaming “no!” and also “I don’t want to jump.”

The disturbing faked crash footage endures over five minutes showing Hilton crying and screaming, looking authentically terrified. When the plane landed into safety, Galal explained to Hilton that he was an actor and the scary event was only a prank. But apparently Galal didn’t expect the reaction of Hilton, who was yelling at him, “I’m going to kill you.”

“I almost thought I was going to die,” Hilton said while crying. “That’s been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane.”

It is still unknown if this episode was aired, but it is not the first time that “Ramez in Control” features this prank with people. There’s also another video posted in YouTube that shows a preview of different people involved in the horrible prank.

Earlier this year, “Ramez in Control” faced a cancellation, but not for the upsetting pranks that Galal makes to his victims. According to Albawaba, an Egyptian website explains that the lawsuit against the host was due for “stealing the show’s idea from Prosecutor General Ashraf Atef.”

In the past, Galal has tricked his victims into make them believe that they were being attacked by sharks in the ocean, so it’s clear that there are no limits for Galal.

Photo Credit: By Roger Casas-Alatriste [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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