Most people in the US have to work from 40 hours to 60 hours per week.

But in reality, summing up all the distractions from the office like social networks, or a bad designed time management, most people end working just a small portion of their time each day.

Check these five efficient steps to incorporate in your daily morning routine to enhance your productivity in the office:

Make a short 7-minutes workout

That’s right, you don’t need a 1-hour workout routines in your mornings, just seven minutes of exercises. Why? Well, seven minutes won’t affect the rest of the time you have before heading to the office, and also, a 7-minutes workout is enough to hit any sluggishness in your body and wake up completely.

If you check on the Internet you will find thousands of fitness routines, but one of the most used is called the 7 Minute Workout, this is a useful app that would help you to work with the main muscles groups.

Start green

You probably have heard your entire life that the most significant meal in your day is breakfast, and like most people you might constantly start your day with a bowl of cereal, or a bagel, or an egg sandwich just to get the necessary energy to start the day.

Though all these might be a good choice for breakfast, a great green smoothie can give to your body an amazing shock that can keep you focus during the entire day. You will even spend less time making a healthy juice than toasting the bagel with eggs.

A quick and easy recipe is blending during a minute: one orange, one banana, one apple, half of a cucumber, a handful of spinach, any juice and some cubes of ice with flax seed. It doesn’t cost much and it will boost your body.

Choose 3 things that you want to accomplish

You’re in the kitchen waiting for your smoothie to be ready, so you can have some time to talk with your inner self or your partner.

You can make this period of time useful by deciding three things that you would like to realize in your day in order to feel that you had a successful day.

And though not every day might be an impressive win, you can learn to make a strategy each day, this way you can climb the success latter.

Block the calendar

A usual mistake among people in the office is not making your to-do lists turn into time-bound, efficient project lists. In fact, people who have learned to do this trick are more productive in accomplishing tasks on schedule.

This hack is really simple: you just need to block off the estimated time that you will spend on your calendar for every big task that you have on the list. Then you just have to add 33% more time just to be safe.

If a project has multiple tasks and edges, you just have to break up into different assignments. Then, you can separate everything in blocks, one to plan everything and another to accomplish.

This useful method will help you account and focus on each task that you have prioritized, this way you can avoid getting distracted. A common issue in the offices is when a distraction damages your entire day.

A boost after lunch

After lunch, take 15 minutes break to refocus on your entire day, think of it as a professional meditation. Turn off your computer for a while, sit in other place and think about everything you have done and you need to do.

Are you behind schedule or ahead of it?

You will find out how useful these 15 minutes can be, you can see how your to-do list is shaping up. You can also identify any distraction and help you refocus.

Try this formula for a week, and you will see the results.

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