On Monday, Governor Terry Branstad singed House File 655, a bill that encourages the expansion of high-speed broadband internet to all corners of the state, into law.

The Connect Every Acre high-speed broadband bill facilitates broadband access to all targeted areas of Iowa to accelerate the growth of modern agriculture, increase access for rural communities and school districts and linking small business to the international marketplace.

The law allows a grant program to award grants to communication service providers by installing broadband infrastructure in targeted service areas that prioritize access for Iowa farms, schools and communities.

In a statement Terry Branstad said, “As the Battelle 2.0 study found, sound infrastructure is a prerequisite for economic development. Our state already has a low unemployment rate of 3.8 percent, but to continue our growth, we must look at ways to encourage connecting every acre of Iowa to high-speed broadband.”

“The Connect Every Acre law signed by Governor Branstad today will allow Iowa to continue our economic growth and connect all corners of the state to high-speed internet,” Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds stated.

Superintendent of Howard-Winneshiek Community School District John Carver said that broadband is a determining factor in instruction nowadays.

“A child’s education in Iowa isn’t limited by where they are physically, it’s limited by broadband access,” Carver said.

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