If you have been looking your entire life as a “glass half full” there are good news for you then. People who respond optimistically to stressful situations you may have the possibility to have a long-term health.

Recently, researchers from Pennsylvania State University discovered that people who don’t keep a calm point of view when handling daily stress have an elevated inflammation in comparison with their happier counterparts.


When body struggles with stress, injuries or pathogens start to have an inflammatory reaction on it. Though these are necessary for the body’s immune system, it can be a huge risk if there’s a long-term exposure.

According to the study, continuous inflammation has been connected to cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.


The study interviewed and studied the daily stressor factors and emotional responses to over 800 adult subjects during eight consecutives days.

Researchers were allowed to study the person’s reactions on days when they had to handle stressful situations in comparison with more relaxed days. As also blood samples during those days to measure inflammatory signs in the people’s bodies.


Research’s results were published in Health Psychology, suggesting that people who react negatively to daily stressors have an elevated inflammation in their body. And apparently, women are more prone to have higher risks for this issue.

According to researchers, how the members of the study reacted to stressful factors was a clear sign of a high level of inflammation in the body.

“A person’s frequency of stress may be less related to inflammation than [their] responses to stress,” Nancy Sin, the study author, a postdoctoral researcher in Penn State’s Center for Healthy Aging and Department of Biobehavioral Health, said during a statement. “It is how a person reacts to stress that is important … Positive emotions, and how they can help people in the event of stress, have really been overlooked.”

The Takeaway

Apparently, a positive attitude may give a general boost to our health. The results are part of several studies related to positive disposition and physical health.

In the past, researchers suggested that a positive point of view might improve the recovery of patients who had a health procedure. And during 2015, a study suggested that optimism might offer benefits to heart health.

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