Is not a secret that “friends with benefits” (FWBs) relationships can sometimes become a difficult situation to handle, frequently because in one point someone starts to want more in the relationship than the other person.

This is why many people are scared of developing unreciprocated feelings when they are about to initiate a FWBs relationship. So, what are the things that you can do to avoid these concerns to become real? Several studies are suggesting that the secret behind a successful FWB is a completely honest communication.

For people who haven’t been part of this kind of relation, it can be hard for them to handle one. So is recommended from the beginning to clarify everything about the relationship, what it is and what is not. FWBs tend to be difficult for the people involved due to the different expectation that each one has.

For example, some people search for FWBs only for the sex, and there are others who want one because they want to be closer to another person and they are expecting that romance will grow with time.

If each one clarifies all the aspects of the relationship, both of them will be on the same page, making the FWBs’ risks to be lower. Putting all the cards on the table, saying all your expectations and intentions constantly will help you to not send any mixed signal to your partner, ensuring everything about the relationship.

Also, you should also set the basic rules of the relationship. Many people who are part of FWBs fail to define the boundaries and rules, a reason on why many difficulties appear during this kind of relationship.

For example, is necessary to establish if any of you are going to still having sex with others. A way to avoid getting hurt is by trying to not making any kind of assumption about the sex life of your partner.

By knowing the rules of the sexual arrangement, each one would be able to have safe sex. For instance, the both will be more open to talk about precautions like condoms, and getting tested for STIs. The rules would also help you to establish the bases about how frequently each one will see the other, or sleeping in the house of the other, or simply how each one will treat the other in public, for example if it is all right to kiss the other when greeting or leaving.

According to longitudinal research, there are other benefits related to an open communication in a FWBs relationship. The better the communication between the partners, the more probably they are to be on positive terms in the future. Also, the study suggests that if you are planning to start a FWB expecting for romance you shouldn’t do it. FWBs have a low expectancy for transitioning into a romance.

Is more probable to attain your FWB goals than finding love in one.

Also, in you are planning to be part of a FWBs, be sure of entering with realistic expectations. Remember that there are no solid rules on having a successful FWBs, and if you take tons of precautions you will still face the risks of not having a happy ending. Try to predict how sex can influence a friendship; it might be a positive or a negative impact.

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