Scam Phone Calls to MidAmerican Energy Customers Increases

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Scam phone calls to customers of MidAmerican Energy Company have increased recently across Iowa. The company has reported the Iowa Department of Public Safety that they have received such allegations from customers since late May.

Customers from the Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, and Davenport areas have reported regarding the fraudulent calls. The company said that customers in additional Iowa cities might be targeted but no report was documented.

The scammers make phone calls to residential or business customers and claim that are associated with MidAmerican. They demand immediate payment or to disconnect utility service immediately. Sophisticated devices are used at a fraudulent call so that it appears like a phone call from the utility company.

Nearly 4-5% of the customers have provided money or PII to the scammers, according to the energy company.

They advise customers to call 1-888-427-5632 to verify the authenticity if they receive such calls.

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