Attorney General Tom Miller on Wednesday announced the appointment of Black Hawk County Attorney Thomas J. Ferguson as Iowa’s Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator.

Ferguson will transition from the position of Black Hawk County Attorney to his new role for four-year term on July 1. He is also the Executive Director of the Iowa County Attorneys Association.

“I am pleased that someone with Tom’s great expertise is taking on the important statewide role of supporting Iowa’s county attorneys,” Miller said.

“His background as an elected county attorney and experience beyond his elected office will be a huge asset to all county attorneys as well as our office,” he added.

The Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator supports in education and training for Iowa’s prosecuting attorneys, their assistants and their victim-witness coordinators.

Janet Lyness, Iowa County Attorneys Association President, Prosecuting Attorneys Training Council Chair, and Johnson County Attorney said that Iowa their county attorneys looked forward to working with Tom as their statewide coordinator.

“Tom Ferguson has done a wonderful job as the Black Hawk County Attorney and been an asset to our Association,” Lyness said.


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