For a long time now, a lot of studies have shown us that strong relationships are healthy for people. Countless researchers have discovered that strong relationships are linked to a healthier and longer life.

As a matter of fact, solid relationships can be a great indicator of mortality than any other kind of healthy behavior.

But the question is, why are these kinds of relationships so favorable?

Thanks to a research by Nancy Collins and Brooke Feeney; new secrets related to the benefits of good relationships have been unfolded.

According to the researchers, there are 2 methods to have a prosperous life:

  • Knowing how to effectively handle adversities in life.
  • Chasing personal opportunities and goals for prosperity.

The important thing to know is that solid relationships can indeed be really helpful for these 2 methods.

Handling Adversities

In good relationships, a significant or close person to you can have many ways to help you handle stressful factors in life, like an illness or a job loss.

Thanks to these kinds of relations, we can face the negative effects from these events with reassurance and comfort provide by the other one. People who are close to us can provide a positive protection from destructive forces from stress.

But beside the protection and comfort, solid relationships can improve our character to face any future adversity.

People close to us can help us see personal strengths and reinforce our skills to manage correctly any stressor factor. Collins and Feeney make a comparison between these processes to the reconstruction of a house after a storm.

There are many factors besides the home rebuilt. There’s also the built sturdier, which will help the house to endure the next storm.

People closest to us can support us in learning these strengths to face adversity in a positive way, such like making a career change. This might be accomplished by helping your partner to find a new perspective like realizing that a job loss it’s a common event and not an indication of ineptitude.

Encouraging Thriving

Relationships can do much more than being a support during bad times. Significant others can be a great encouragement factor for chasing opportunities for personal growth. They will do more than only encourage us, but also motivate us to take the chance.

Relationship partners would motivate us to keep our eyes on opportunities that we might miss if we are not focus enough. They can also help us to improve our skills to accomplish our goals. An example of this might be a man who is trying to help his wife by researching a graduate program or a financial assistance because she is planning to go back to school.

These kinds of positive supporters will not only provide motivation but they will also be available for help in a difficult moment. They can also remember our other responsibilities and priorities like taking care of your health or kids. And most of all, they will be during the “capitalization” – that is the moment of celebrating success.

According to researchers, the conducts that generate a supportive atmosphere include “mutual responsiveness.” Which means that you have to be able to receiving help when you are in need as also being open to helping the other in return.

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