For years, one of the biggest social wonders has been why many women are attracted to narcissists. At first sight, it might be to their intense self-confidence, an attribute that can sometimes be magnetically alluring.

But it is clear that when women date for some time this kind of guy they start to realize that this extreme self-confidence only work to hide their bad behaviors, which a lot of time includes infidelity.

And please don’t start to think that women are so focused on looking for a husband that they can even go for narcissists. This is an obvious lie, especially when a rather dispiriting study, researchers V. Tamara Montrose and Carrie Haslam of Hartpury College in England, explain that narcissistic behaviors is kept even in people who are constantly dating, and this is something that is even a characteristic in those who are searching for a wife.

“The narcissistic male does not make a good partner, but even experienced females do not realize this,” the researchers write in the publication Personality and Individual Differences.

Researchers discovered that women who are “wishing to get married were more attracted to the narcissistic male personality than those not desiring marriage.”

The research had 146 British women participants with ages from 18 to 28.

76% of the participants said that they were searching for someone to get married, while the rest (24%) was not. Also, the participants reported the amount of romantic relationships that they had in the past years: 7.5% reported having at least 21 partners, and 52% said they had from zero to five partners in the latest years.

The women were presented with 20 testimonies associated with narcissism and attraction, and requested to rate their disagreement or agreement with each statement on a 1-to-5 scale. These assertions included “I am attracted to men who take pleasure in being the center of attention;” “Male vanity is an attractive attribute;” and “Confidence in a male is more alluring than modesty.”

One of the major surprises for researchers was their discovery on marriage-minded women who answered more positively to statements like “A man who uses manipulation to influence his success at work is attractive” and “I am drawn to a man who displays authority.”

“This finding is problematic from a female perspective,” researchers write, “as the narcissistic male is primarily short-term mating goal oriented.”

Researchers explain that these kinds of men are not a right partner, and the presences of narcissism in them “are not immediately evident.”

The study suggests that there is no difference between women who responded to have more or fewer romantic couples in the past years. The real difference between the two groups is between the women who had at least 21 partners, who are more attracted to narcissistic men instead of the females who had from 0 to 5 partners.

The study suggested that narcissists men are likely to be seen as high-status males with “the ability to acquire resources, and that they are entertaining and self-assured. These traits are attractive to females in relationship contexts,” the researchers explain in the journal.

Montrose and Haslam end their study saying that women “need to take into account future relationship desires and past mating experiences” when they are trying to decide who might be a good partner to establish a relationship.

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